Chapter 335 – Her Request (2)

    Chapter 335 - Her Request (2)

    If she were to get married to the Crown Prince, then maybe not only would she be restraining Ji Yunhuang's life, but she would also influence the Vast Sky Empire...

    "Ningxue, what... what is your condition? I will try to satisfy it to the best of my abilities." This sentence was much more sly and politically ingenious.

    Ning Xuemo was exceptionally smart; how could she not know the feelings of this father and daughter pair?

    The corner of her mouth curved slightly in a way that was somewhere in between mocking and ridiculing. "Your Majesty, do not worry. I have no desire to be the Crown Prince's consort. Xuemo's request can easily be fulfilled by Your Majesty."

    Le Xuan Emperor finally sighed in relief, "Good, speak."

    Ning Xuemos eyes landed on Ji Yunyao. Ji Yunyao felt an indescribable feeling of coldness, vaguely feeling like she was being stared at by some ferocious beast. She couldn't help but retreat a step. "You... why are you looking at me?"

    Ning Xuemo's lip curled even more. Looking at her smiling face, Ji Yunyao felt even more fear and trepidation. Inside her heart, a feeling of uneasiness bubbled up as if she was about to encounter some serious misfortune!

    This time, her intuition was correct. Sure enough, Ning Xuemo opened her mouth. "Your Majesty, princess has repeatedly attacked Xuemo with no reason. And because of this, Xuemo has nearly died in her hands many times. Now, whenever Xuemo sees her, Xuemo feels very upset..."

    Le Xuan Emperor immediately said, "I will immediately make her leave..." He turned towards and looked at her meaningfully. "Get lost now!"

    Ji Yunyao also knew that getting into a dispute at this time wasn't right, so even though her heart felt unsatisfied, she still decided to leave.

    However, Ning Xuemo actually laughed jeeringly. "This is how Your Majesty grants Xuemo's requests? That is fine..."

    She said the last three words very slowly and heavily. Le Xuan Emperor's heart jumped, and he could only say, "Then what is your condition?"

    "Princess's words are very insulting, making people feel uncomfortable and angry. Xuemo thinks that Your Majesty should discipline her a little." Ning Xuemo took the initiative to say the first part of her request.

    Le Xuan Emperor clenched his teeth saying, "You are right. This child is indeed lacking in discipline... Someone come! Take Princess away, and slap her mouth thirty times!"

    The Imperial Princess getting slapped was definitely an enormous humiliation.

    Even more, the hand of the person who did the slapping felt like it was made of iron. One slap could make half of the face red; two slaps could remove a tooth...

    Ji Yunyao usually really liked this punishment of slapping people; however, she only liked to slap other people.

    Any girls that offended her or any maidservants who made an error were usually sentenced to this punishment. Looking on as their faces were slapped until they resembled pigs, she would feel incredibly happy on the inside...

    Throughout her whole life the people who she sentenced to this punishment couldn't be counted. In addition, after the person was slapped, they were paraded through the streets. It was extremely embarrassing and disgraceful.

    A lot of the girls who were sentenced to this punishment by her were extremely disgraced and humiliated. Many even committed suicide...

    And now, it was her turn to suffer this punishment!

    Once she thought of the swollen and purple-green faces of those people who she had sentenced to that punishment, Ji Yunyao was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, immediately jumping over. "Imperial Father, don't listen to that slut's nonsense..."

    "Sixty!" Ning Xuemo coldly spat out one word.

    "Slut, what are you saying?!"


    Le Xuan Emperor was practically being defeated by his stupid daughter!

    He immediately opened his mouth, "Someone come and drag the princess down! Slap her ninety times!" One snap stopped Ji Yunyao's mouth from spewing more stupid words. Otherwise, the number of slaps she would have to suffer would steadily rise...


    The two court eunuchs received the meaningful glance the Emperor sent their way and came over to drag Ji Yunyao away.

    Unexpectedly, Ning Xuemo still wasn't done. "Your Majesty, the Princess is the most precious young girl under the heavens, and thus she should be elegant, righteous, and virtuous. However, Princess Ji Yunyao clearly doesn't fit these conditions. To prevent her from being a laughingstock in the eyes of the public, she should be removed of her title of princess, and it should never be reinstated no matter what!"
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