Chapter 336 – Depraved Dog Needs To Be Beaten!

    Chapter 336 - Depraved Dog Needs To Be Beaten!

    Some people were just thoughtless and never learned. If they were not given a truly harsh punishment, they would never understand that, in the world, there are some people who cannot be offended.

    She had completely offended this princess and, whether she was patient and accommodating or not, this princess would always try to plot against her. Naturally, Ning Xuemo would not be kind either!

    One must add more insult to injury!

    The best would be to deal with them quickly, before they come back for revenge...

    Le Xuan Emperor was dazed for a moment. He looked at his daughter, whose complexion was deathly pale, and then looked at his son, who was lying on the bed with only a few breaths left, and determinedly said, "Okay! I agree!"

    Ji Yunyao's body swayed a little. She could never have imagined that she would experience such an event today.

    Her fiery eyes glared at Ning Xuemo but she was so bitter and angry that she could not speak. Even if she could speak, she finally realized that she didn't know what to say. If she spoke more, she would only be digging her own grave.


    She was arrogant and despotic for so many years, yet today, her actions that were intended to hurt the other side ended up backfiring, hurting her instead...

    She wanted revenge! Later, once she had enough power, she'll come back for revenge!

    She'll make this stinky girl's life worse than death...

    "Ning Xuemo, I've already agreed to your conditions. Now, can you treat Huang'er?!" Le Xuan Emperor's tone was turning less amiable.

    Ning Xuemo was still unmoved. She raised her head and smiled lightly, "Your Majesty, I have another request that I haven't said yet."

    There was more?!

    Le Xuan Emperor was gnashing his teeth, but at this time he could not offend the little girl. Later, maybe he could find an opportunity to take revenge for her offenses and teach her a lesson, or maybe he could just silence her. However, this could only happen after Ji Yunhuang was taken care of. Now... Now, he could only give in to her demands.

    "Ning Xuemo, whatever conditions you have, just say it out." Le Xuan Emperor did not want to negotiate with her anymore. His son's wounds weren't getting any better with time.

    "Your Majesty is straightforward!" Ning Xuemo stroked her palm. She understood people's thoughts the best. Le Xuan Emperor's secret schemes could never be hidden from her eyes.

    Therefore, she bluntly stated her conditions, "Firstly, slap Ji Yunyao ninety times and then take away her position of princess and never return it. Secondly, my wedding plans will be decided by myself. Your Majesty can not meddle with my affairs. Thirdly, Your Majesty must make an oath to me. Regardless of now or later, Your Majesty will not take revenge against me, including inciting the crowd against me. Of course, this oath also includes Princess Ji Yunyao... if this oath is violated, then Your Majesty must step down and the Ji Clan and their descendants wouldn't be able to prospered in the Vast Sky Empire again!"

    After the last condition was said, the faces of everyone present changed!

    Even Le Xuan Emperor's face suddenly became overcasted, "Ning Xuemo, you have such courage!"

    "Outrageous! Too outrageous!"

    "Ning Xuemo, you're so reckless! Are you crazy!"

    All the ministers present all opened their mouths to reprimand her!

    This girl was insane.

    She dared to force the Emperor to swear an oath!

    And the oath she proposed was this type of outrageous and poisonous oath! This was something never seen before!

    "Ning Xuemo, you should know that just from your last words, I can kill off you and your whole family!" Le Xuan Emperor's terrifying and cold air made everyone tremble!

    Kill them off? Even if you killed the Ning clan ten times over, what would it have to do with her?

    Ning Xuemo secretly sneered. Even if the Ning clan was slaughtered, she would not care...

    Ning Xuemo calmly raised her head. She acted as if she never noticed the terrifying air Le Xuan Emperor was emitting, "Your Majesty, could it be possible that you want to take revenge over what has happened today against Xuemo?"

    "Of course not!" Le Xuan Emperor naturally did not admit it.

    "That's right. Since Your Majesty didn't intend to harm me, is there a need to fear swearing an oath?"
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