Chapter 337 – Disgraceful

    Chapter 337 - Disgraceful

    "Precisely. Since Your Majesty does not have the intention to harm Xuemo, then why should you be scared of pledging that oath? I am merely an orphan that no one would support in times of crisis. Thus, I can only rely upon myself. In the case Your Majesty cannot even agree to make that oath, even if you are incomparably benevolent and righteous and will not harm me, it is quite hard to guarantee that other people will not scheme against me in order to win your favor! That's why, I can only rely on Your Majesty to send down an edict to restrain your subjects."

    "If Your Majesty agrees to the condition, I will naturally risk my life to save the crown prince, if Your Majesty disagrees, I fear that my mind will become unsettled. In the case I make a mistake when treating the crown prince... My life is not worth much, but if something happened to the peerlessly talented crown prince..."

    Emperor Le Xuan kept quiet, "...."

    Despite Ning Xuemo's words being justified,  it had unexpectedly gave him a strong desire to refute it.

    Furthermore,  this young girl obviously did not care about the consequences if he is intent on forcing her, one would fear that it would worsen the situation. In the end, his beloved son's life was the most important. Le Xuan Emperor clenched his teeth and agreed to her terms.

    Of course, since he had to say the oath, he might as well used a high-sounding speech. For example, my words naturally carry a great weight, for the sake of Marquis Ning's honor, I'll give you my agreement. According to everything Ning Xuemo has stated,  I pledge it in front of all the officials here.

    Once the pledge is made, it would subjected to the gods' supervision. Since this implicate the fate of the nation, Le Xuan Emperor would not dare to violate his oath even if he was beaten to death!

    After he swore, in order to restrain the actions of his subjects, he also gave them a stern warning, "Whoever fails to comply to my oath and carries out revenge on Xuemo will be executed without mercy."

    This sentence was spoken with a strict and demanding tone, especially directed towards Ji Yunyao,

    It instantly shattered Ji Yunyao's retaliatory schemes which she had constructed which relied upon aid from the officials. Suddenly Ji Yunyao's heart felt extremely unwilling, yet she was not brave enough to act against her imperial father.

    Her eyes which had been looking at Ning Xuemo were about to erupt into flames.

    Ning Xuemo returned her glare with a clean and crisp smile, then returned her focus to the emperor and recited  a respectful speech to Emperor Le Xuan, "Your majesty is even willing to agree to such harsh conditions set out by Xuemo, willing to show such generosity to a mere a orphan who has received an official of merit. No one can possibly compare to your majesty's magnanimity, you will have a respectable reputation for a long time to come, Xuemo highly respects it."

    At this time, she wanted to give the emperor a tall hat to wear[1], to appease the anger in his heart. In order for her ensure her safety, she needed to keep up his appearance and respect, giving him some steps in case he needs to back down.

    She spoke wholeheartedly, letting Le Xuan Emperor recover his face once again. He was gloomy, with an expression as cold as ice, but it seemed as if it also started to thaw. He nodded. "Can you start the treatment now?"

    Ning Xuemo nodded, "Naturally, but the emperor needs to quickly prepare a clean room, assign a doctor as my assistant, two boxes of completely disinfected white robes."

    She once again requested many more things in a single breath.

    Le Xuan Emperor agreed. No matter what was requested, the emperor's family would prepare it at a speed in which no one else can compare to. Within an hour, every single material and item which Ning XueMo requested was ready.

    The only issue was the doctor who would be her assistant. Le Xuan Emperor was clueless as to what kind of requirements she needed for her assistant, so he allowed her to select one herself from a group of kneeling doctors.

    Ning Xuemo was straightforward, crooking her head to look at them, she only needed to select someone who's hands and feet were dextrous, it was until the idled Divine Doctor Mo spoke, "This humble one is willing to be this girl's assistant."

    After hearing this sentence , everyone was startled.
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