Chapter 338 – Incomparably Benevolent

    Chapter 338 - Incomparably Benevolent

    What kind of person is Divine Doctor Mo? Even a prince would give him support and would not refuse the most overpowered Divine Doctor. This doctor was not a random nobody, so for him to be willing to be that young girl's assistant?!

    This time, whether Ning Xuemo was able to successfully treat the crown prince or not, she would still reap fame throughout the world from having the Divine Doctor as assistant!

    All Le Xuan Emperor wished for was for her to immediately agree to accept the Divine Doctor. However, Ning Xuemo crooked her head and looked at the man instead. "I need someone extremely dextrous and you..."

    For Divine Doctor Mo, this was the first time someone expressed doubt towards the dexterity of his hands. He was furious and arrogantly spoke, "My dexterity would not lose to any imperial doctors!"

    Ning Xuemo smiled. "Divine Doctor Mo, the reason why such an honorable character like yourself lowered himself to be my assistant was only to see what kind of method I'll use to treat the crown prince, right?"

    His intention was exposed by her, causing him to be at a loss for words and to blush furiously. "Could it be that you don't want to let people see how you will save His Highness the crown prince?"

    Ning Xuemo shook her head. "It doesn't matter to me. I don't fear that people will steal my medical skills. Since you volunteered to help me, then, I won't refuse."

    The assistant matter was settled just like that.

    During the time that the imperial family was preparing the items requested by Ning Xuemo, she was enjoying the sight of Ji Yunyao getting slapped.

    With her leisurely supervising on the side, the two mamas who carried out the punishment did not dare to go easy. The slaps they gave on Ji Yunyao's mouth rang out loud, sharp and clear.

    After 90 slaps, Ji Yunyao's face was swollen beyond recognition.

    Seeing that the punishment was done, Ning Xuemo quickly went to disinfect herself. She needed to operate on Ji Yunhuang, so it was necessary for her to make herself as sterile as possible.

    After an hour, Ning Xuemo was ready to enter the disinfected room. Le Xuan Emperor hesitated a few times before finally speaking a few lines, "Ning Xuemo, according to my knowledge, to you, Huang'er's grace is as heavy as a mountain. Your relationship is also very good. If I didn't agree to your conditions, would you really not save him?"

    Ning Xuemo crooked her head and stared at the Emperor with a smile, "In the case that Your Majesty didn't consent, Xuemo will still treat him, but since Your Majesty is incomparably benevolent, you agreed!"

    Le Xuan Emperor kept silent, "..."

    Ning Xuemo laughed as she entered the room, "Your Majesty, please wait outside for the good news. I need an absolutely quiet environment. During my treatment, no matter what Your Majesty hears, you cannot enter the room and must not allow anyone one to disturb me! Otherwise, you should bear the consequences of it!"

    Naturally, Le Xuan Emperor readily agreed to that condition.

    He immediately sent down an order that no one should make a disturbance or any noise before Ning Xuemo comes out of the room.

    As to ensure that they obeyed, the Emperor dispatched a group of elite troops to guard the perimeter surrounding the operation room. These soldiers' movements were sharp and deft, their steps were extremely light. Their defensive formation was like an iron bucket and they were people with skills that would not emit any sounds that would disturb the people within the room.

    Le Xuan Emperor also did not leave. He lead his group of officials to another hall in the crown prince's mansion and quietly waited for the news.

    As for the little qilin, it gave one of his scales. At this moment, he was in his blue cat form and following Ning Xuemo's instructions, it was lying on the imperial tutor's chair, completely bored.

    In just a short couple of days, it had already lost two scales, but it obediently handed them over as the scales could regrow with time.

    His master already promised him that after this matter was solved, she would buy him ginseng to eat.

    Le Xuan Emperor had certainly noticed it. As an Emperor, his information network was quite vast and he already knew that the blue cat was none other than a qilin.

    Qilin were auspicious beasts. If he could convince one to dwell in the imperial palace, then Vast Sky Empire would carry more weight on the continent!
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