Chapter 340 – Overnight Celebrity (2)

    Chapter 340 - Overnight Celebrity (2)

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    It graceful jumped down from the master seat, turning into a blue ball emitting light like a water ripple. The blue cat could no longer be seen. In its place now stood a majestic little qilin.

    It was half the size of a horse, with its body covered in sparkling and translucent scales. With the sunlight reflected on the scales, its body glinted like a clear and transparent pond.

    Two horns like dragon's horns protruded from its head, smooth as if it was carved from blue jade. Its beautiful eyes were shaped like apricot kernel with a deep blue color. It was similar to a sparkling and pure sapphire. The glint in its eyes reminded them of the luster of a colored glass. The two feelers on both sides of its lips shook, adding a touch to its cuteness.

    Its body seemed to be surrounded by a pale blue halo, rising like vapor with each of its movements. It made people awed at the beauty.

    Although everyone heard the blue cat was a qilin beast, it was the first that they saw one, so the abrupt appearance of one shocked their heart to the core.

    Le Xuan Emperor's eyes couldn't stop himself from sizing up the qilin again and again. A strange expression flit through his eyes.

    Within a ruler's land, all belongs to him. That little qilin was found within the Vast Sky Empire borders which meant it belonged to the imperial family.

    "Young qilin, what is your name?" Le Xuan Emperor asked warmly. Steathly, he was signaling his imperial bodyguards to go bring a few beast tamers.

    "I have a name. I'm called Little Apple." The little qilin proudly stated.

    Le Xuan Emperor frowned, "This name is not enough mighty and domineering. How about this Emperor grants you a new name?"

    As long as the little qilin accepted to be granted a new name by him, it just meant that it accepted to be the imperial family's subordinates.

    The little qilin froze then his eyes suddenly widened. "This name was given by my mother! I definitely don't want another name!"

    'Surprisingly, it had a mother?'

    'Doesn't that mean that more qilins exist?'

    If they could captured other qilins, it would absolutely turned into a world shaking matter!

    Perhaps, they could even make the other four empires immediately capitulated!

    "Since it's like that, then I won't help you change your name. Tell me Little Apple, where's your home?" Le Xuan Emperor's tone became more amiable.

    "My home is in the Qilin's Sacred Land." In the end, the little qilin was inexperienced and didn't know how sinister human heart was and how twisted their minds could be. For each of their questions, it answered honestly.

    The Qilin's Sacred Land?

    The Emperor and his subjects looked at each other in dismay. It was the first time they heard about that place.

    They also didn't know how many qilin lived in that place.

    "Your clan must certainly be big." Le Xuan Emperor was patiently guiding the qilin to get what he wanted.

    "Of course! The Qilin clan is a big clan of several thousands!" The little qilin proudly exclaimed. However, a trace of sadness passed through its eyes.

    It was a little homesick. Although within the clan, the other qilins didn't treat it well, but it was after all its homeland...

    Unexpectedly, there was several thousand qilins! Everyone's eyes shone at the news!

    "Little Apple, don't you want to go home? If we have the opportunity, how about we help you go back home?"

    Le Xuan Emperor didn't dare to ask directly where the Qilin Sacred Land was as he was afraid to draw this thing suspicions. Therefore, he used a roundabout way to inquire.

    As long as that qilin agreed, he won't be afraid not to find that sacred land if he followed that qilin.

    "No need!" The little qilin turned back into a blue cat and nestled on the master seat with a lazy expression. "I'll return there later with my master."

    It was practically drove away from the sacred land. Even if it was to return, it had to wait until he was stronger, even better, it would return back in full glory. It didn't want to return back in defeat.

    Everyone once again looked at each other in dismay. It appeared that this young qilin wasn't that easy to set up.

    This time, everyone already understood that this young qilin only had the wisdom of a eight or nine years old child.
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