Chapter 343 – Overnight Celebrity (5)

    Chapter 343 - Overnight Celebrity (5)

    Even if he couldn't force Ning Xuemo, it didn't mean that he couldn't force those young handsome geniuses either.

    For a woman, the husband's house was her home. If she were to get married to someone from the Vast Sky Empire, then that would keep her here forever...


    Ning Xuemo simply did not think that Le Xuan Emperor would already scheme about her major life event again.

    Right now she was busy working without rest in the prepared operation room.

    This room was organized based on her requirements.

    The narrow bed that lacked a bed curtain served as the surgery table. Above her head, a giant night pearl was suspended. Even though it wasn't as good as the modern time's light bulbs, it allowed her to see a person's skin pores.

    Adding on Ning Xuemo's current cultivation, her eyesight wasn't simply just average.

    So even though there weren't any advanced technology like in modern times, she could still see perfectly fine.

    Divine Doctor Mo looked at Ning Xuemo with a very complicated expression.

    He had never seen anyone cure someone like this!

    Clearly it was only a chest wound. However, Ning Xuemo demanded him to strip Ji Yunhuang of all his clothing and wipe his entire body with a strong alcohol!

    After being disinfected, the Crown Prince's lower part was covered with a piece of thin and white cloth. At least, his private parts were covered.

    While Divine Doctor was preparing the Crown Prince, Ning Xuemo never left due to embarrassment. In fact, she would actually tell him to wipe every nook and cranny that hadn't been disinfect well, as if out of fear that there would be a part that was missed.

    Throughout the entire process she was calm and collected. The Crown Prince's impressive body couldn't arouse her at all.

    The way she looked at the Crown Prince was the way a doctor looked at a patient.

    When all the preparations were done, Ning Xuemo finally approached the small bed. She extended a finger and jabbed at the already unconscious Ji Yunhuang's acupuncture points before picking up the shining knife and scissors... She cut open Ji Yunhuang's chest without blinking an eye.

    Even Divine Doctor Mo, with his vast knowledge and experience, was scared until his entire body became soft. However, he forced himself not to open his mouth to inquire about her actions.

    Ning Xuemo had told him earlier that when she started treating Ji Yunhuang, he would not be permitted to speak and should only listen to her commands.

    Both of them were wearing the surgical masks that the Emperor had ordered sewn based on Ning Xuemo's request. Looking at Ning Xuemo, whose eyes were the only things that weren't covered, Divine Doctor Mo had a feeling that this girl wasn't human...

    Heart surgery was extremely hard to do. Fortunately, Ning Xuemo had conducted several in her former life and even though the facilities here were crude, at least she was able to find substitutes for them.

    In addition, she was using psychokinesis to compensate for the lack of certain equipment and could also promptly stop his bleeding with it, keeping Ji Yunhuang's condition at his peak. Besides, his vitality was extremely strong; this surgery was less critical than it had seemed.

    Ji Yunhuang was completely unconscious and laid on the bed like a motionless corpse. This saved Ning Xuemo a lot of time and effort.

    Quickly six hours passed, and finally the surgery approached its end. Ning Xuemo started to meticulously sew the incision she made on his chest.

    When Ning Xuemo was finally sewing the skin, the unconscious Ji Yunhuang's finger suddenly moved involuntarily. His thin lips opened and said a word: "Xuemo..." Even though the word was soft and vague, Ning Xuemo heard it very clearly.

    Her hands stopped and she nearly pricked herself with the silver needle.

    Divine Doctor Mo extended his hands like lightning. He pressed a point on Ji Yunhuang's body and the almost conscious Ji Yunhuang sank back into his dreams.

    Ning Xuemo looked at Divine Doctor Mo.

    "He can not wake now." Divine Doctor Mo explained.

    Ning Xuemo nodded slightly. Looks like this Divine Doctor Mo wasn't some simple person.
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