Chapter 344 – Exalted and Fulfilled (1)

    Chapter 344 - Exalted and Fulfilled (1)

    Her suture points technique was extremely brilliant as she had accumulated innumerable practical experience. The gaze he gave her was complicated.

    This kind of medical technique was unseen in this age, not to mention that he could see how experienced she was from her mastery of her techniques. It was evident that it wasn't the first time she cured someone through the meant of surgery. It couldn't be that she was born with those skills?

    After Ning Xuemo took out a blue sparkling thing and fed Ji Yunhuang with it, the surgery was truly complete.

    It took a whole 10 hours. The operation lasted 10 hours; despite that, Ning Xuemo's body was still pretty good and she didn't feel mentally exhausted at all.

    She stretched her limbs, then went to wash her hands. She turned her head to look at Ji Yunhuang. The qilin scale truly deserved to be called a divine item. The incision on his chest was already showing sign of healing.

    She believed it wouldn't take long before no trace of his injury could be seen, and it would unlikely leave any scars that would mar his beautiful strong chest.

    Although he was still pale, his breathing was more stable and less laborious compared to before.

    Divine Doctor Mo took Ji Yunhuang's pulse. After carefully examining him, he once again looked at Ning Xuemo with an inconceivable look.

    Ji Yunhuang's heart vessels were connected again! Without any defect!

    His heart wildly pounded in his chest as if it was broken, but it wasn't or it seemed to be on the verge of stopping, but it doesn't!

    As for the poisonous insects, it could no longer be sensed. It was evident that Ning Xuemo got rid of those insects.

    Ning Xuemo yawned. She's tired since it's been awhile since she last operated.

    She looked out of the window. Outside, dawn had just arrived. She didn't expect it was already morning of the following day!


    Ning Xuemo left shortly after. The young eunuch that was guarding outside hurried to report to the Emperor.

    Le Xuan Emperor rushed like the wind, followed by his officials.

    "Master!" The little qilin ran especially fast and practically threw himself onto Ning Xuemo's chest.

    Before its master went into the room, she forbid it from disturbing her; thus, it didn't dare to use their telepathic connection to inquire about the situation inside.

    "Xuemo, h-how is Huang'er?" Le Xuan Emperor asked with a trembling voice.

    "Fortunately, I didn't fail." Ning Xuemo bluntly replied before patting the little qilin's head. "You've been good. Turn back into your original form, and let's go home." So she can rest properly.

    Her short reply completely dissipated all the worries he had. Since he couldn't speak harmoniously with Ning Xuemo, he raised his leg and was about to go into the operation room.

    "Your Majesty, right now, no one is allowed to see him. If you all go in, you will bring along harmful bacteria. You will be able to visit him tomorrow at the same hour. I already informed Divine Doctor Mo with all the medical recommendations. I'm tired, so I'll return first." Ning Xuemo was already mounted on the back of the little qilin.

    Divine Doctor Mo simply stretched out half of his body from the operation room and lightly nodded to Le Xuan Emperor, confirming that Ning Xuemo's words were true.

    Finally, the Emperor was reassured and immediately sent an order, "Servants, prepare an eight carriers palanquin and send Miss Ning back! I'll reward her handsomely later..."


    In the end, Ning Xuemo was sent back into an eight carriers palanquin. The whole trip back was done with a continuously beating gong and it was a particularly grandiose scene, attracting numerous habitants early in the morning.

    Le Xuan Emperor was very generous and rewarded her with several chests of valuables trailing behind the palanquin.

    Ever since Ning Xuemo transmigrated, she regularly met with bad luck. If it wasn't getting into life or death situation, it was getting forced into a marriage or having a continuous strings of events that caused people to disdain her. Now, she could get a respite!

    She felt that her luck was finally turning for the better. Hard times are now over, and the good times are just starting.

    She still kept her ears sharp and her eyes keen, paying attention to the numerous people chatting around her. Despite the conversations being abundant and chaotic, she could nevertheless hear a few things.

    Amongst those conversations, she didn't hear any new information. It was mostly about people expressing their envy, incomprehension, and surprise.
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