Chapter 346 – Enemies Meeting on a Narrow Path

    Chapter 346 - Enemies Meeting on a Narrow Path

    'How odd. In each place he appeared, he gave rise to an uproar. This time, how could he idly sit there without anyone noticing him?'

    Seeing that he was being this relaxed, it didn't seem like he was in the bustling city center but on Spirit Mountain Graceful Water.

    Ning Xuemo couldn't help herself from stealing a few glances. For the moment, she didn't have any intention of taking revenge.

    This person's skills were too profound, and her current skills weren't on par. She would simply court death if she was to provoke him now.

    Han Shanyue felt someone's gaze on him, thus he raised his head and his eyes met Ning Xuemo's.

    Despite the distance separating them, their gazes locked together!

    Abruptly, Ning Xuemo felt goosebumps all over her body, as if she had been assaulted by a wave of frost.

    She had no choice but endure and force herself from not shivering.

    She couldn't clearly see his eyes, but oddly enough, she could feel his gaze on her, an incorporeal sensation that swept her body.

    'This is really super cold!'

    For some reason, that man's gaze gave her the same impression as when the Ancestor looked at her that day in the palace hall.

    Her heart palpitated. She didn't seem to recall offending him. She let go of the curtain and sat meditating in the constantly shaking palanquin.

    "Master, I saw Han Shanyue that man who called you bearer of misfortune!" The little qilin's voice echoed within Ning Xuemo's mind.

    "You don't need to pay attention to him." Ning Xuemo instructed the little qilin. Han Shanyue and her were people from two different worlds. If she can't provoke him, then she won't provoke him.

    The palanquin finally reached the mansion's entrance. When Old Zhong, who was waiting in front, saw Ning Xuemo coming out of the palanquin, he hurriedly welcomed her, "Mistress!" He was worried in his heart for the whole day, but his young mistress finally came back.

    Ning Xuemo nodded, but her sight landed on a person behind Old Zhong.

    It was a teenager around 14-15 years old with a baby face. His figure was as straight as a green bamboo with a solemn and cold temperament, and on his waist, a broken sword hung.

    'This person...'

    She met this person on Heavenly Book Mountain.

    "He is?" Ning Xuemo asked.

    Old Zhong showed an unrestrained happy expression, "Mistress, he is the newly hired bodyguard. His skills are pretty good."

    Ning Xuemo observed the teenage's pale face.

    'He came here to repay his gratitude?'

    'Or... is there another reason?'

    'His injuries heal quite fast.'

    The teenager greeted her but stayed silent.

    For now, Ning Xuemo won't expose him. This time, the emperor not only rewarded her with wealth, but bestowed six imperial bodyguards, two maidservants, two cooks and even a gardener.

    Of course, those people all heard about her infamous title of bearer of ill luck and were afraid of her suppressing their lives. Unfortunately, the emperor's decree couldn't be disobeyed. Death was the only consequence if they didn't immediately obey!

    Therefore, even if they were unwilling, they still had to follow Ning Xuemo.

    Ning Xuemo let Old Zhong manage these people while she directly went to take a bath, eat breakfast, and finally go straight to bed, sleeping for a whole day.

    When she woke up, the sun was already setting behind the mountains.

    Old Zhong arranged for people to send her supper.

    The cooks deserved their places in the palace. Every dish they prepared was fragrant and delicious.

    After Ning Xuemo and the little qilin wolfed down the food, the maidservants came in to clean up the table.

    The little qilin ate until it was bloated before being satisfied. It patted its belly and said, "The food made by the imperial cooks are really delicious. No wonder that old emperor used this to lure me."

    Ning Xuemo glanced at the little qilin. "Lure you?"

    "Yes, Master..."

    The little qilin's memory is not bad. It narrated to her what happened between him and the old emperor while she was operating on Ji Yunhuang.
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