Chapter 347 – The Bodyguard Who Came to Her Door

    Chapter 347 - The Bodyguard Who Came to Her Door

    Ning Xuemo sneered. It appeared that Le Xuan Emperor fancied the little qilin and almost succeeded enlisting it under the imperial family's possessions!

    "Little Apple, humans are sinister creatures. If you don't want your words to cause the extermination of your entire clan, you should never mention where your clan dwells to anyone! Not even half a hint should be divulged! Do you understand?" If the coordinates of the qilin's sacred land were to be known, it was very likely that endless calamity and bloodbath would befall that place.

    The little qilin nodded. "I understand. The big brother that came with me in the stone essence spirit also said the same thing." Therefore, it understood that point and kept himself from revealing it.

    Ning Xuemo relaxed her tone and remembered the sealed prince within the stone essence spirit. It seemed like that prince didn't lack morality. As the Ancestor's disciple, he was much better than that Ye Qingluan. Hum... For some reason, she always felt that she forgot something important.

    "Little Apple, do you remember who helped us establish our blood contract?" She always felt there was another person accompanying her during the time she was in the stone essence spirit.

    Unfortunately, no matter how much she tried, she couldn't recall who it was.

    The little qilin shook its head, at a loss. "I forgot. I only remembered that person was an expert..."

    Of course it was an expert! Otherwise, how could that person help them establish a blood contract that only a heaven realm expert could do?

    "What kind of expert?  Do you still remember that person's appearance?"

    The little qilin shook its head. "I can't remember."

    They both couldn't remember that expert's appearance. Did that expert erase their memories before departing?

    Ning Xuemo couldn't understand no matter how much she thought about it, so she simply stopped pondering about it.

    If that expert really wanted to harm her, she would be unable to hide from it, so she might as well not fret.

    After instructing a few things to the little qilin, she waved her hand to let it go out and play. She also left her room to discover that after a day of sleep the whole mansion resumed to his former glorious appearance.

    The servants that the old emperor rewarded her were all agile, attending to their duties: weeding, patrolling, cleaning, and sweeping.

    Ning Xuemo strolled around the place, and no matter where she went everything was clean and well organized, and the servants were doing their work.

    The most serious about their duties were those imperial guards who were following behind her and guarding her from a distance. Even when they were on standby, their formation was solid.

    Ning Xuemo's heart trembled and called Old Zhong, "Uncle Shu, who arranged these people?"

    "Reporting to mistress, it was the newly hired youth, Xijue. He's very capable. In less than half a day, he was able to control those prick-headed guards..." Old  Zhong's tone was full of praise for the teenager. This was an overpowered servant who delivered himself to their door!

    Although those imperial guards were not peak experts, each of them still possessed pretty good martial arts skill.

    Since they considered themselves imperial guards, they would be unwilling to obey Old Zhong after being demoted to this place.

    They didn't dare to disobey the emperor, but it didn't mean that they would care and follow Old Zhong's arrangements.

    Not to mention those imperial cooks, palace maids and that gardener... None of them were easy to deal with. From the start, no one had the intention to work or give their best after entering the Marquis' mansion as they were all arrogant iddlers shirking their responsibilities, going as far as mocking Old Zhong who was giving them tasks and glaring at that newly hired teenager Xijue.

    The result, Xijue beat up the most arrogant and unruly of the imperial bodyguards. After beating him at least five times in a row, Xijue finally won over that guard.

    Most of those prick-headed guards were honest; therefore, they all obeyed his orders.
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