Chapter 348 – A Talented Person!

    Chapter 348 - A Talented Person!

    It was hard to keep silent regarding Xijue's leadership abilities. Not even a single day passed and yet he had restored order within Marquis Jingyuan's residence. Everyone had their own jobs and there were no signs of chaos.

    Genius! This child is talented!

    Nothing but constant praise came out of Uncle Zhong's mouth.

    Ning Xuemo pondered for a moment, then told Uncle Zhong to call the teenager into her hall.

    After a moment, that young teenager walked in, and bowed in respect to Ning Xuemo.

    Ning Xuemo stared into his two eyes, the youth's posture was tall and straight similar to an elm tree. His beauty was outlined by his pale baby face. Although his appearance was eighty percent similar to that of Number Two, there was a difference in temperament between the two.

    Number two was calm and straightforward, whereas this youngster was seemed to be modest, similar to a smooth sheathed sword.

    Although nothing could be determined through his appearance, his body had a faint and elegant noble aura. It appeared that he had a certain background.

    Ning Xuemo's line of sight fell onto the sword strapped to the side of his waist, it had an old scabbard, without any color to decorate it.

    Even the sword of any random warrior seems to be costlier than his sword.

    Number Two's name is Shitou, a very common name.

    Yet this youngster is called Xijue, a rather refined and imposing name.

    Is it possible that they don't have any blood ties?

    When Ning Xuemo saw him, she bluntly asked, "How did you find this place?"

    "As long as one has the desire, finding you is not difficult." Xijue's voice sounded very calm.

    The youth was 14-15 years old and his voice was undergoing a change due to puberty, causing it to sound slightly hoarse and not very clear.

    "Why do you want to find me?"  Ning Xuemo lifted her eyebrow.

    The youth was silent for a moment, then answered in two words "Repay gratitude."

    "I already told you back then. I only saved as you on a whim, there is no need for you to repay me."

    The young man simply answered. "Whether you want it or not, I want to repay you. I dislike being indebted to someone"

    Ning Xuemo looked at him again, " Since you have found me, then you must have already heard about me. I am a lone star, I bring misfortune to the people around me. Are you not afraid that your life's fortune will be suppressed by me?"

    "The words of fortune tellers are false and a bunch of nonsense. What's more, if it weren't for you, I would have been dead. So, why should I be afraid to have my life fortune suppressed? "

    Well then, it was rare meeting a person who isn't afraid of the misfortune she brings.

    "Can you tell me more about your family background?  My father's residence does not accept anyone whose background is unclear." Ning Xuemo was quite curious about this youth's origins.

    The boy was silent for a period of time , before replying, "Please pardon me as I have a painful secret, I cannot tell other people about my family background. However I can guarantee that my background is completely clean. It would also not bring any  harm to you."

    Well, as it is something hard to mention, she decided to not ask further.

    She didn't really care whether this teenager had ulterior motives for staying by her side, as there were too many people around her who had ulterior motives, it wouldn't make a difference if there was another one.

    Not to mention, this young man had pure, calm, and clear eyes. He didn't seem to be a treacherous person.

    But at this point, Ning Xuemo is confident in her skill of determining a person's personality. She hardly ever read someone incorrectly.

    "From this day onwards, you will be my personal bodyguard. Wherever I go, you will accompany me." Ning Xuemo decided to keep him by her side so she could keep a close eye on him.

    "Good." That youth answered and left without saying anything else.

    Ning Xuemo's lips discretely tilted up in the corners, this young man is unlikely to be an ordinary person.

    He could not have been a servant as he would have answered saying "yes" and not "good."

    'What could his identity possibly be?'

    She yawned. 'Forget it.' Whatever his identity is, she would be happy as long as he didn't disrupt her plans.
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