Chapter 350 – The Bearer of Misfortune’s Love Affairs (2)

    Chapter 350 - The Bearer of Misfortune's Love Affairs (2)

    However, there were still moments when Ning Xuemo ran into some so-called love encounters. For example, right now, she was in a jewelry shop and was choosing a bracelet. She had selected a dark green one and was about to take out her money when a hand stretched out, followed by a distinguished voice, "Shopkeeper, take these bank notes. I'll pay for this young lady."

    Ning Xuemo turned her head and saw a rather sturdy figure. It was a well-dressed young man pretending to be confident and at ease as he fanned himself. He had a smile on his face while looking at her.

    Ning Xuemo slanted her head. "Why do you want to pay for me?"

    "Such a fine jade deserves such a beauty. This bracelet is more than suitable for Young Lady." The young man looked at Ning Xuemo's ethereal and elegant face and was dazzled by it. Once again, he glanced at her innocent and pure countenance and suddenly felt as if his heart had been scratched by a cat.

    He couldn't help but want to grope her. In one hand he held the bracelet, while he reached for Ning Xuemo's hand with the other hand. "Come here, come here. Allow me to put it on you."

    His wolfy paw had yet to grab onto her soft hand when his body was flipped upside down. Not waiting for him to cry out in surprise, he was sent flying out of the shop butt first. Bam! He fell flat on his face!

    He tried to crawl up despite the dizziness hitting his brain. A footprint was clearly outlined on his abdomen. A handsome teenager dressed in black was coldly lording over him. The teenager spoke, "She is not someone people like you can provoke! Be tactful and get lost!"

    The sturdy young master dejectedly withdrew under the crowd's lively gaze.

    Other men who had wanted to strike up a conversation with Ning Xuemo also retreated in fear, disheartened, not daring to attempt again.

    Ning Xuemo walked out and swept her gaze over the crowd of people who had retreated far away. She lightly shook her head. She spoke in a half-jokingly tone, "Xijue, you drove away all my peach blossoms. Do you know, it is not easy for a bearer of misfortune to encounter peach blossoms like that."

    Xijue stayed expressionless while he simply replied, "They don't match you."

    Ning Xuemo sighed, "You are so fierce. I'm afraid that I won't be able to marry in the future."

    She had simply spoken without much thought, but when she took two steps, Xijue still hadn't followed after her. She turned her head in curiosity. She saw he was still rooted at the same spot, looking at her with a slight smile.

    "What is it?"

    "It's unlikely that you will get married." Xijue's voice was faintly overbearing as he added, "If so, I will marry you."

    Ning Xuemo stumbled, then started laughing out loud. "That sentiment is good. Later if I can't get married, I will marry you."

    She replied jokingly to him without much thought and then turned back to continue strolling.

    Xijue stood there watching her back for a long time with a complex light within his gaze.

    Although he had blurted out those words on a whim, it gave rise to a strange feeling within his heart after the words left his lips.

    By the time he recovered his spirit, Ning Xuemo had already walked far away. He was just about to start catching up to her when, all of a sudden, he sensed something. He turned his head and stared at the pavilion on the side of the street.

    Within the pavilion sat a young man with fine black hair the color of ink, wearing a wide gown with big sleeves. On the blue sky gown, there was an ink painting of mountains and rivers. As the wind blew, the clouds and mist in the landscape seemed to come alive and move...

    'How odd.' The other party was clearly not wearing any mask, but Xijue was unable to accurately see the person's facial features. He merely had the impression that the man was extremely handsome. His whole being seemed to be shrouded in clouds and mist, like a person above the mundane world.

    In front of the man, there was a Go board with pieces scattered everywhere as if he was just playing a game.

    But... no opponent could be seen in front of him. It was like he was playing against himself.

    The man simply swept a light glance at Xijue, but Xijue suddenly quivered and started to shiver from coldness!

    This man's gaze was very cold! Even the iciness of the eternal snow couldn't compare! Xijue was almost frozen on the spot from a single glance.
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