Chapter 352 – H-homosexual…?

    Chapter 352 - H-homosexual...?

    The mist surged and billowed around their feet, creating a scene that made it seem like they were part of a painting.

    Pah! A black Go piece was put down, blocking the expansion of the white Go pieces' territory. The man who was waving his fan smiled proudly, "Venerable One, you went lenient on me. I will win this game."

    The other man appeared to be absent-minded, but the voice of the man with the fan pulled him back from his reverie. He glanced at the chessboard. Black's influence was domineering while White's influence had waned. The White's situation was indeed very unfavorable.

    "Venerable One, you appeared to be preoccupied. What are your thoughts?" The fan brother tapped his fan on the chessboard with an expression that hinted he was opened for gossip.

    "What do you mean?" The man addressed as "Venerable One" kept his indifferent expression and continued to ponder on how to make White escape this situation, before putting down a white piece.

    "I saw that earlier you used a far-sight technique to peek at the world of mortals. What were you looking at?" The fan brother was clearly someone with good observational skills.

    He put down a black piece. Victory was already in his grasp thus he simply placed the piece wherever he wanted.

    The woman, who was enjoying the game on the side, watched the Venerable One. She concealed the curiosity within her eyes. "Yes, Venerable One, earlier, the place you were looking at seemed to be the capital of Vast Sky Empire. Didn't you come back from there not long ago? Could it be that there was something odd there?"

    Earlier, she had also taken the opportunity to peek, and apart from some buildings, she only saw a black clothed teenager...

    "Guess..." Obviously, the Venerable One didn't want to talk much.

    "You wouldn't be peeping at a young lady, right? Is it time for the Venerable One's peach blossom to bloom?" The fan brother folded his fan with a whoosh!

    "Brother Rongyue, you shouldn't guess randomly like that. Earlier, what was shown wasn't a young woman, but a young boy..." The woman refuted.

    The man called Rongyue sized the Venerable One up and down with an expression of surprise, while the latter remained calm and collected. "It's not a woman? The one who caught Venerable One's eyes is a young boy? Are you h-homosexual?"

    Pah! A white Go piece landed on the chessboard. The Venerable One lightly spoke, "Just because you're homosexual doesn't mean I am too. You lost!"

    Brother Rongyue lowered his head and saw that the situation on the board had completely reversed. Black had lost its influence and territory, the situation was completely hopeless!

    Brother Rongyue was speechless.

    He watched painfully as the Venerable One leisurely took away a jasper gourd containing his precious immortal pills.

    "Hey, this game doesn't count. You cheater, drawing my attention with that story. I don't agree! It doesn't count! The immortal pills are still mine." Brother Rongyue stretched his hand towards the Venerable One.

    The Venerable One ignored his stretched hand. He simply tapped the Go board. "You want to continue?"

    "Of course! Let's play another round!" Brother Rongyue continued, "I'm taking back the immortal pills next time I win!"

    The Venerable One revealed a faint smile, refusing to comment further. Both of them played chess again.

    When the game was halfway through, all of a sudden, the Venerable One casually asked, "Tianlan, how many celestial wind fruits do you have left?"

    "What do you need them for?" Rongyue Tianlan casted sidelong glances at him. "When you came this time, you'd already eaten more than half the hundred-year fruits that I had saved up! Your power has been restored, you don't need to bother with those few remaining fruits, right?"

    The Venerable One lightly hit the Go board and replied, "The fruits will spoil if you keep them too long."

    "So Venerable One coming here to eat so many of my fruits was for my own good? You're afraid that I cannot eat them all and will end up keeping them too long until they're wasted?" Rongyue Tianlan ground his teeth as he spoke those words.

    "Tianlan, your intelligence is very high." The Venerable One praised Rongyue Tianlan.

    The young woman chuckled as she saw Rongyue Tianlan's handsome face turn dark. "Venerable One's words are correct. Tianlian, we always share everything between the three of us. Since your fruits are a panacea which helped him recover his strength, there's no harm contributing a few more. Besides, you can't eat them all by yourself."

    I'm hungry... *munching on subway sandwhich*
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