Chapter 353 – I Can Be Even More Shameless

    Chapter 353 - I Can Be Even More Shameless

    Rongyue Tianlan glared at the young woman, "I know you're partial to him. It's true that those few fruits are not much, but I only find it strange; why would Venerable One, who always knew how to manage himself, come back so weak? In the end, what did he encounter in the Vast Sky Empire? It's the first that such a situation has occurred and that has truly piqued my curiosity. Say, since I contributed so many fruits to you, can you dispel some of my doubts? Besides, I've been stuck inside for nearly a month."

    The young woman's bright eyes also fixed on the Venerable One's face. It was very clear that she also wanted to know the reason.

    The Venerable One continued observing the Go board, not raising his head at all. He simply replied in an indifferent tone, "You really want to know?"

    The pair nodded, their curiosity greatly stimulated by him.

    "I won't tell you." His words were like a cold bucket of water pouring and extinguishing their desire for gossip.

    Pah! The Venerable One put down a white piece and spoke in an unwavering voice, "Rongyue Tianlan, you lost!"

    Rongyue Tianlan stayed silent.

    He had once again been distracted by the Venerable One!

    This two-faced Venerable One took advantage of his weakness to drill into his territory! This was fraud!

    In the end, he helplessly watched the small jasper gourd, containing his precious miracle immortal pills, get pocketed by the Venerable One.

    Rongyue Tianlan hit his folded fan with a paf! "Again! Let's play one more game!" This time regardless of what the Venerable One said, he wouldn't get distracted!

    With a brush of his sleeve, the Go pieces on the game board disappeared. He lazily stood up. "Ten games, nine losses. Go practice your Go skills."

    Ronyue Tianlan couldn't retort.

    'Venerable One, how could you be this two-faced? My chess skill is not good enough? This is just because you keep cheating today!"

    "I have lingered at your place long enough. Benzuo should take leave." The Venerable One slowly walked away from the pavilion.

    'He won all of my treasures, and now he's slipping away. This is really making people feel upset.'

    "Venerable One, considering that I lost so many precious pills and medicine, can you tell me what you were looking at in the end?" Rongyue Tianlan's desire for gossip was still burning strongly.

    The Venerable One turned and glanced at him. For the first time, he gave him an explanation, "Benzuo discovered a talented person."

    Woah! It could be said that there was practically no genius that could enter the eyes of the greater-than-thou Venerable One. For one to actually attract his attention, it was a miracle!

    Rongyue Tianlan's eyes brightened, "Talented person? What kind of genius?"

    "Venerable One, was that person the black clothed youth earlier?" The young woman inquired.

    The Venerable One didn't reply to the question. He indifferently and evasively spoke, "He could be considered a well-rounded talent. Unfortunately..." He seemed to recall something. A glimmer flickered within his eyes.

    To be able to get the Venerable One to describe someone as a well-rounded talent, how much could that person's ability frighten the World and move the gods?

    Rongyue Tianlan couldn't help asking again, "Unfortunately what?"

    Once again, the Venerable One didn't reply to the question. He threw out a few words, "You can guess on your own."

    "Venerable One, how can you be this shameless?" Rongyue Tianlan simply wanted to beat him up! How could he whet someone's appetite up and leave them hanging like that?!

    "Do you know...?" The Venerable One unhurriedly started speaking. Then, he walked to a fruit tree, raised his sleeve, and let the last fruit in the tree fall into it before he finished his sentence, "I can be even more shameless."

    Rongyue Tianlan was speechless.

    The Venerable One's figure gradually vanished within the boundless sea of clouds.

    Rongyue Tianlan shook his head, then he turned his head and saw the young woman still standing at the same place. Her eyes were still gazing at the spot where the Venerable One had disappeared, as if she was spellbound.

    Rongyue Tianlan lightly hit her shoulder with his folded fan. "Stop looking. He has already left."

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