Chapter 354 – The Pavillon Closest to Water Enjoys the Moonlight First

    Chapter 354 - The Pavillon Closest to Water Enjoys the Moonlight First

    Note : The title means something like you have the advantage by being close to someone

    A flash of sadness crossed the young girl's beautiful face. She finally withdrew her eyes and lightly sighed.

    Rongyue Tianlan looked at her, unable to help but shake his head, "Yunxi, since you like him, why not happily pursue him?"

    That young girl's beautiful face turned red, "I do not... Don't speak nonsense."

    Rongyue Tianlan waved his fan, lightly smiling, "No? Yunxi, you can't hide those thoughts from me. Every time he comes, you appear. Every time he leaves, you also quickly leave, isn't it?"

    Yunxi's red cheeks became more red and she lightly nibbled on her red lips. Looking at Rongyue Tianlan, she said, "You're mistaken. When he didn't come, didn't I still come once?"

    "True-" Rongyue Tianlan's voice was drawn out, his tone carrying a hint of teasing, "Indeed, you have come once. We've known each other for so long and met each other so many times, but you've only come to see me individually once."

    Yunxi remained silent, "..."

    Rongyue Tianlan's fan lightly waved in front of him, "Yunxi, even though our societal positions aren't the same, we've always been friends. Because we're friends, there's no need for you to cover up. You can't hide anything from me anyway."

    Yunxi slightly lowered her head, sighing, "Well, you said it. Hiding something from your wise eyes is actually pretty hard. Say, what do you think I should do? M-my thoughts have already been discovered by you. He must have realized, right? But, he actually didn't respond to my feelings." Her voice finally carried a trace of bitterness.

    Rongyue Tianlan's finger lightly caressed his fan. "The Venerable One naturally lacks emotions towards girls. This type of person... It's really hard to imagine what he would be like if he truly liked a girl."

    "Exactly. He's like an iceberg, an iceberg that won't thaw." Yunxi pursed her lips.

    "Truthfully, I really want to see what he would look like when he's ensnared by love." Rongyue Tianlan smiled.

    Then, he patted Yunxi's shoulder. "Good luck. Up until now, the only girl that has ever managed to get close to him is only you. Don't you know that the pavilion closest to the water enjoys the moonlight first? After all, his heart currently has no other person..."

    He suddenly looked as if he had realized something and he hit his palm with his fan, "Truth be told, the number of people that he speaks highly of are not that many. These two days he's also been very absent-minded. It can't be that he already has feelings for someone else, right?"

    Yunxi's face changed, "Not possible! I just saw, when he watched through that Far-Sight Mirror, it was mostly to look at a young boy."

    "Are you sure it's a young boy and not a girl dressing up as a boy?"

    "Not possible! Even though that boy was very elegant and pretty, but with one glance you could tell that he was a boy."

    "Hm." Rongyue Tianlan lightly waved his folded fan again, "That's good. I hope that... the Venerable One isn't a homosexual..."

    Yunxi kept quiet, "..."


    Inside a quiet room.

    Ning Xuemo was cultivating and meditating. Over the course of one month, her psychokinesis had gone up a level. At a certain level of psychokinesis, she could practice while inspecting herself. When psychokinesis reached the Mortal Realm Fourth Rank, the cultivator could see their spirit root within their dantian.

    Since Ning Xuemo's dantian was like a bottomless pit, and had the marvelous ability to suck psychokinesis, she went through difficult experimentation to store the psychokinesis in another acupuncture point.

    Now, during her meditation, she finally saw the spirit root she had managed to grow through diligent cultivation with a method she had devised herself.

    In the middle of boundless space, there were two faintly discernible spirit roots. One was red and the other was green. The red one was barely as big as a fingernail and the color was very pale and light. It was like a small flame that could go out anytime.

    The green one, on the other hand, was slightly bigger. It was about as thick and tall as a pinkie. It was dark green and was very pleasant to look at.
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