Chapter 355 – Baby Devil (1)

    Chapter 355 - Baby Devil (1)

    Unexpectedly, she actually had a fire and wood dual spirit root!

    Ning Xuemo felt pleased. She was already very knowledgeable about psychokinesis in this world and knew that the people who have both wood and fire spirit roots numbered very few.

    Once these types of people had cultivated to a specific level, they could refine medicine without the need of a special furnace but by simply using their hands!

    The amount of physicians in the mainland were originally incredibly rare. The number of doctors with the fire and wood dual spirit root were even more rare. They were the prized possessions of every sect and powerful force, and were fought over by every empire and country.

    Haha, she really wasn't some normal waste! It was just that her dantian that was a bit special!

    Thinking about it, what's going within her dantian?

    How could it have the ability to absorb psychokinesis?

    Ning Xuemo's heart felt a flash of curiosity and she used the inner sight technique that would allow her to look into herself to check out what was going on in there.

    Without any accidents, she managed to only see a plane of darkness. It was like a vast black hole and it was murky enough that people couldn't see clearly.

    She urged her psychokinesis to probe around the darkness. Suddenly, her dantian shook and the little wiff of psychokinesis was swallowed up by the black hole!

    Ning Xuemo didn't have time to protect herself before everything turned black, even her spirit perception was of no use. Her entire person was sucked into the dark mist. Surrounded by a darkness that knew no sun, she had no way to tell from left to right, or from south to north.

    She was greatly frightened in her heart. She wanted to escape, but the suction force of her dantian was too strong and her spirit perception was too weak. There was no way for her to escape.

    The phenomenon persisted, she was pulled deeper and deeper into the mist of darkness with no escape route in sight.

    Meh! it couldn't be that she had inadvertently entered the legendary demonic path, right?!

    Being eaten by her own dantian, this was just too crazy!

    Ning Xuemo decided to not resist anymore and allowed the suction force to guide her deeper into the darkness.

    In such a place, it was impossible to perceive the flow of time, so Ning Xuemo didn't know how long she was , when the darkness in front of her gradually subsided. Her spirit perception could finally help her see something.

    Indeed, she saw something.

    No, it wasn't something, but rather a person. It was a small person, not even fully formed and like a fetus. It was sleeping in the the middle of an even darker black mist, slightly rocking to and fro.

    The minute Ning Xuemo saw the fetus, she was without words.

    After transmigrating, it seemed that fate had tied her to all sorts of different children.

    The Ancestor had a bunch of kids around him. The little qilin was also a kid, and also... Huh? Wasn't there another kid that she knew? However, she couldn't recall who he was.

    Rather, she decided not to think about it anymore and stood in front of the fetus, staring at it.

    The fetus was lying there, half curled. She couldn't tell whether it was a boy or a girl and couldn't make out the facial features either.

    She found a little fetus in her dantian. Was there anything more scary than this?!

    'Fuck!' She couldn't be someone who got pregnant out of wedlock, right?

    Ning Xuemo quietly shivered!

    Didn't pregnancy only take place in the uterus?

    This was the first time she saw pregnancy happen in the dantian! It was beyond scary!

    What was even more scary was that the weird person was herself...

    Since she was already here, she should continue to examine it and figure out what was going...

    The spirit perception worked in the way that when one thinks of something, then it will be done. She just thought about observing the fetus and suddenly felt as though she was right in front of the fetus. This fetus looked about three months old and was much smaller than a baby mouse. It was as small as a little ball that was surrounded by a black colored protective membrane, floating in the midst of black mist.

    Ning Xuemo resolutely stretched out her hand to touch the fetus.

    However, she suddenly withdrew her hand!
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