Chapter 356 – Baby Devil (2)

    Chapter 356 - Baby Devil (2)

    It's really hot!

    It felt as if it was between 60-70°C!! Why was the fetus so hot?!

    She stared at it with a somewhat blank expression when suddenly, she noticed a small curve on the fetus, where the mouth should be, slowly opening, looking as if it was laughing!

    Ning Xuemo began shivering, and tried to take a step back, but her body suddenly  grew numb and she stumbled forward instead, falling towards the fetus!

    She felt her hand coming into contact with the body of the fetus, directly on that crack that was its mouth!

    Helplessly, she watched her hand engulfed into the little mouth, she tried holding onto her arm.

    The inside of the little mouth was burning hot. It felt as if her spirit perception was on the verge of melting from that scorching heat.

    Ning Xuemo was startled, and spared no effort in struggling to break free but to no avail, while she was panicking, her body suddenly began to glow brightly.

    The man-eating mouth suddenly began quivering, and quickly spit out her arm.

    Ning Xuemo quickly took the chance to fall back, her heart felt like it was leaping out of her mouth

    'Your sister! What kind of monster is that?!'

    The two slits, positioned where the monster's eyes could be, began to slowly open.

    Ning Xuemo's hands clenched into a fist tightly! She could feel the pair of slits coldly gazing at her, sweeping over her body! It was apparently sizing her up.

    "Unexpectedly... you... you are...," All of a sudden, an icy voice was perceived by her spirit perception. The voice was neither male nor female, yet she could feel a tyrannical power within the voice[1].

    "Who are you?" Ning Xuemo blurted out, asking.

    "Me? Hehehe! You'll find out soon enough..." The laugh was suffused with an eerie demonic aura. "Now, get out!"

    Following the voice's last words, Ning Xuemo's vision abruptly darkened, and her spirit perception flew out of the dark abyss.


    Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

    The clanging sound of metals roused Ning Xuemo back to consciousness.

    When she opened her eyes, she found that she was dripping with sweat, and still in her training room, just as it had been a moment ago.

    She could clearly hear the sounds of men fighting outside.

    "I don't have any evil intentions, I merely came to see Miss Ning." Ning Xuemo could barely hear the voice of a person.

    "You are not allowed to see her." A different, cold sounding voice could be heard, it belonged to Xijue. He was currently guarding Ning Xuemo, every time she entered her room in order to undergo cultivation, he would be secretly protecting her to ensure that nobody bothered her.

    Ning Xuemo wiped the cold sweat from her forehead and exclaimed, "Xijue, let him in. I know him."

    The sounds of battle halted at last. A moment later, a black clothed man pushed open the door and entered the room. He clasped his hands towards Ning Xuemo, "Miss Ning."

    Xijue entered alongside the man, and calmly put himself between the man and Ning Xuemo and coldly responded, "She is now the Jingyuan Marquis, and you will address her as Marquess."

    The man immediately kowtowed, greeting her once more, "Marquess Ning."

    Ning Xuemo spoke, "Number One, no need to be so polite. What brings you here?"

    The black clothed man was one of Prince Ji Yunhao's personal Imperial Bodyguards and was a straightforward individual, "This humble one came on his own volition to boldly inquire about someone."

    Ning Xuemo remained calmed, "Who?"

    "You've already met him; It's Number Two. Previously, when Marquess Ning entered the mountain, he was sent to protect you under our prince's order. Currently, Marquess Ning has returned, yet he hasn't. This humble one had searched for him for countless days, but to no avail. I don't know if Marquess Ning knows of his whereabouts?"

    Ning Xuemo lowered her eyes, not wanting to hide the truth from him, "He already died, captured by the golden-eyed eagle on the 9th Peak."

    [1] For some reason, it reminds me of God's voice in Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood.
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