Chapter 357 – Chosen for your face

    Chapter 357 - Chosen for your face

    Number One's expression changed slightly. He already had suspicions that Number Two had met with misfortune, but he was holding onto hope. Unfortunately, at this moment, the truth was confirmed by Ning Xuemo. The look within his eyes turned gloomy.

    "The golden-eyed eagle? How could that beast catch him? You went to the 9th Peak?"

    "There's no need for you to know more about it." Ning Xuemo did not want to tell him about her fortuitous encounter. As she recalled matters about Number Two, her tone turned sad. "He's dead, that's the absolute truth! I couldn't save him..."

    Number One slightly swayed, then like a shooting javelin, he immediately clasped his hands, "Many thanks, Marquis Ning, for informing me. This matter... This humble one will personally investigate. I hope that Marquis Ning would not mention about this humble one disturbing you to the sixth prince." He turned around and was prepared to leave the room.

    He actually hid from Ji Yunyao his visit here. Seeing that he and Number two's relationship was not shallow, Ning Xuemo decided to ask, "Are you Number Two's friend?"

    "He is my younger brother!" Number One answered. His eyes suddenly landed on Xijue who stood on the side, "May I ask who is that young man?"

    "Who I am has nothing to do with you!" Xijue coldly replied.

    Number One became gloomy as he glanced at Xijue. "Your appearance is quite similar to my younger brother. But... He is not as young as you..."

    Xijue's voice turned colder, "In this world, it isn't rare that some people might resemble one another. Let me make it clear that you and your brother have no relationship with me!"

    "Related or not, I will investigate it." Number One threw out the words before he flew out of the room.

    Number Two originally had no relatives and family, but he had a sworn brother, just like those brothers she had in her previous world. Ning Xuemo felt somewhat relieved.

    Every time Ning Xuemo was done cultivating, her body would be smelly and sweaty, thus she had to take a bath.

    "Xijue, you can take a rest." Ning Xuemo got up and walked out.

    "Did you save me because I look like Number Two?" Xijue's voice drifted from behind her. His tone was slightly cold.

    "It's one of the reasons." Ning Xuemo answered. On that day, she did her best to save him due to his face. If he wasn't similar in appearance to Number Two, would she have saved him on that day?

    She would, right? But she might not give her best to save him neither would she harvest a heavenly ice grass for him.

    "I am not him!" Xijue spoke coldly after a moment of silence.

    "I know. That's why I chose you for your face." Ning Xuemo spoke half-jokingly, "You should be glad to have such face, since I save your life because of that."

    At this moment, Ning Xuemo already stepped out of the door threshold.

    "Did you like him a lot?" Xijue's voice echoed from inside, but it was impossible to determine his mood from it.

    "Yeah, I like him. In my heart, he's like a brother, the kind that you can share life and death with." Ning Xuemo stretched herself.

    "Am I his substitute?" Xijue's voice did not sound good.

    At last, Ning Xuemo turned her head and looked at him. "You are overthinking. Substitute or not, you are you and he is him. You cannot replace him."

    In this world, it goes without saying that no one can replace another.

    Unfortunately, when those words fell in Xijue's ears, the meaning was interpreted differently. Xijue slowly clenched his fingers tightly into a fist. "I want to know, am I not as good as him?"

    'This awkward child, did he eat something bad today?'

    Ning Xuemo didn't feel explaining herself, thus she waved her hand and said, "Xijue, you must be very tired and are overthinking. Well then, you can leave. I still need to take a bath. Tomorrow, we still need to attend that damn Garden Appreciation party... You will accompany me and must give me face tomorrow."
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