Chapter 362 – Drinking Vinegar (5)

    Chapter 362 - Drinking Vinegar (5)

    Unexpectedly, that young lady saw him, started approaching him, and immediately turned to walk away. "Everyone, please have a pleasant time. I'll go look around."

    Brother Meng did not give up and wanted to follow after her. "Miss Lan, I will accompany you..."

    " There is no need Young Master Meng ." Miss Lan quickly walked away as if she was avoiding black vermin.

    Brother Meng was stunned, "..."

    The shortcomings he enumerated earlier were untrue.

    He wanted to shout and reveal that to her; but, once he turned his head and saw Ning Xuemo's cold smile, he held back his words.

    Ning Xuemo eyes shifted to Lan Liushao. At first, she wanted to let Lan Liushao off the hook in regards to Lan Yufeng's face, but his gloating face did not sit well with her.

    "Yayan, didn't you just say that you will accompany me for a walk?"

    "I-I... this one... This one's feet suddenly hurt... " Lan Liushao retreated a step and sat on the stone bench inside the pavilion.

    " Your feet hurt? Please don't tell me you sprained it? Let me examine it." Ning Xuemo also sat on the stone bench.

    Lan Liushao nearly shifted along the whole bench. "No need! There's no need..." He raised his head suddenly and saw something that made him shout. "His Highness the crown prince!"

    Ning Xuemo was startled and followed Lan Liushao's line of sight. Her body stiffened abruptly!

    Ji Yunhuang really did stand not too far away from the pavilion. A month has passed, and his injury was already more or less healed.  Except for his slightly pale face, he didn't look like a sick person.

    Seeing him like that, Ning Xuemo didn't feel that there were many coincidences that greatly startled her. Next to the crown prince, there were two other people.

    One of them was Lan Yufeng and the other... Even if she was beaten to death, she wouldn't have expected to see Han Shanyue!

    The trio were indeed dragons amongst men. Just by standing together, they could make the moon seem as if it lost its radiance.

    Ning Xuemo recovered from her shock, while the group of people inside the pavilion had already rushed to greet and pay respect to the trio with their voices rising in unison.

    Although those people paid homage to Ji Yunhuang, their eyes were all attracted to Han Shanyue. They secretly tried to guess the identity of this young man, who was as beautiful as a painting and as cold as snow.

    Ji Yunhuang lightly nodded and indicated to everyone to rise. His line of sight fell on Ning Xuemo. "Xuemo!" In the depth of his eyes, there was a hint of disapproval.

    It was very obvious that he caught sight of Ning Xuemo flirting with handsome men.

    Ning Xuemo clasped her hands in greeting. "Your Highness the crown prince, I trust you have been well since the last time we met from the look of your healthlier complexion."

    "This is thanks to you..." Ji Yunhuang faintly sighed. "How are you these days?"

    After his last time visiting Ning Xuemo, Le Xuan Emperor forbade him to go out of the crown prince mansion, using the excuse of his health being precarious. Thus, he has been unable to see Ning Xuemo until now.

    "I'm very good." Ning Xuemo answered with a refreshing smile. "How is your injury? Has it healed?" As a doctor, Ning Xuemo stretched out her hand to feel his pulse like second nature. The light within Ji Yunhuang's eyes faintly moved; he didn't avoid her touch.

    Ning Xuemo's fingers rested on his radial artery and remained there for a moment. She smiled with her eyes. "Your Highness' recovery is pretty good!" The recovery was more than she had estimated.

    Logically speaking, his injury should have recovered by 60% at best, and he would still need several months of convalescence. Yet, from her examination, she discovered that his injury has healed up to 80%, and he recovered more than half of his psychokinesis! This was beyond her expectations!

    She suddenly felt a chill, and goosebumps appeared on her back for no rhyme or reason. She unconsciously raised her head, and her line of sight met with Han Shanyue's eyes!
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