Chapter 363 – Drinking Vinegar (6)

    Chapter 363 - Drinking Vinegar (6)

    Great Master Han Shanyue's eyes were unfathomable. It made Ning Xuemo inwardly burst into shivers. She unconsciously released Ji Yunhuang's wrist.

    "This is all thanks to Xuemo's high medical expertise. The grace of saving my life shall be forever engraved within my mind. However, to be able to recover this quickly, it's all thanks to Great Master Han Shanyue's immortal pill." Ji Yunhuang exclaimed. He also conveniently introduced the other person, "This person is Great Master Han Shanyue..."

    Everyone present had evidently heard of the name Han Shanyue. However, due to his elusiveness, there were few who had seen his real appearance.

    At this moment, when they heard that he was the world renowned great master, every single person came forward to greet Han Shanyue.

    Strangely, although Han Shanyue was standing there unmoving, the surrounding light from the suspended lanterns appeared dim and couldn't clearly illuminate his face.

    When they looked at him, it was like he was separated from them by a layer of mist, rendering his facial features vague. They only had a faint feeling that he was exceedingly beautiful, an unworldly and ethereal beauty.

    Ji Yunhuang and Lan Yufeng were considered handsome and beautiful men in the human world, but when they stood together with Han Shanyue, they were like pearls highlighting the bright moon. Their beauty was overshadowed by Han Shanyue's.

    Han Shanyue's expression seemed calm and indifferent. During the time each of them greeted him, he had yet to open his mouth. He simply nodded his head without giving a verbal reply.

    Ning Xuemo didn't expect that she would go greet that Han Shanyue, since he was the guy who gave her that infamous reputation as the bearer of misfortune just by opening his mouth! What's more, she had that nagging feeling that he was targeting her. Besides, she wondered if it wasn't an illusion, but she kept feeling that his gaze was especially cold when he looked at her!

    He swept a glance at Ning Xuemo, but by the time his gaze landed on other people, the gaze seemed to return to normal.

    Although he was still indifferent, it only gave people a feeling of alienation and an unapproachable aura, but at least he didn't make them burst in cold sweat or  goosebumps.

    Meh! Was it because she hugged him and kissed him the other day?

    To go as far as being this icy to her just because of that?

    Besides, he threw her out from the the second floor!

    It was only due her magnanimity that she didn't find him to repay this hatred.

    The men and women surrounded Ji Yunhuang's trio to leisurely chat with them, while Ning Xuemo took advantage of this to stealthily leave.

    She didn't think about having more contact with Ji Yunhuang. Afterall, he is his Highness the crown prince. She was the heaven destroyer, a calamitous star; they were not fated to be together. Besides, right now she had not even the slightest feeling toward him, so it was unnecessary to tangle herself with him.

    She proceeded forward with quick steps when all of a sudden, goosebumps raced down her back, feeling as if someone was intently staring at her.

    She unconsciously turned her head to look, but due to the constant flow of people coming to pay their respects to Ji Yunhuang, there were now three layers of individuals  surrounding the trio in a short time span. She was located outside that crowd, thus she could no longer see their figures.

    Maybe she was being oversensitive.

    Ning Xuemo shook her head and advanced in big strides to stroll somewhere else.

    She was enjoying the sight while walking and ended up arriving to an open space sparse of plants and flowers, where a big lake spread in front of her eyes.

    Different sizes of white cobblestone laid on the lakeside. Occasionally, there would be a cluster of wild flowers swaying lightly under the breeze. The bright full moon had risen into the sky, its image reflecting into the lake. It gleamed on the limpid water, spilling in fragments of silver light.

    This place was comparatively remote with the nearest lantern blazing more than 70 meters away. Only the moonlight illuminated the surroundings like cotton or like the mist, rendering the scenery quite beautiful.

    Ning Xuemo stood by the lakeside, taking in the scene with pleasure. The mischievous little qilin has long jumped off her shoulders, letting out his joy.

    Ning Xuemo looked at the limpid lakewater. Feeling like having fun, she went near the lake and sat down.
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