Chapter 364 – Forceful Kiss (1)

    Chapter 364 - Forceful Kiss (1)

    Ning Xuemo looked at the limpid lakewater. Deciding to have a little fun, she walked to the lake shore and sat down. She took off her shoes and socks before dipping her swollen little feet into the water. She idly played with the water, gently kicking the surface.

    Right while she was happily playing, a voice suddenly called out behind her. "Young lady, this place is dangerous. Please stay far away from here." The voice possessed strong charisma.

    Ning Xuemo turned her head and was shocked! She almost suspected that she was dreaming!

    Behind the rockery not far away, a person was approaching with big strides. Under the silver moonlight, his appearance was clearly illuminated. He was garbed in an army uniform, with a high nose bridge and deep dark-blue eyes. With a glance, one could tell that he wasn't someone from the Vast Sky Empire.

    Ning Xuemo was surprised not because he was a foreigner, but because his appearance strongly resembled someone who could not possibly exist in this world.

    His appearance was 80% similar to the young Sylvester Stallone!

    With the sudden appearance of her idol, it was enough to throw the usually calm Ning Xuemo into shock, causing her to jump up. Due to being greatly shaken, when she got up she didn't have stable footing; her body swayed, and she almost fell into the lake head first!

    "Be careful!" The young "Sylvester Stallone" look-alike dashed forwards and in a flash, was able to pull her up by her hand!

    Ning Xuemo took the opportunity to regain her balance. Then, her eyes carefully studied him. "Who are you?" She couldn't be dreaming, right?!

    "Stallone" saw that she was standing firmly, thus he immediately released her hand before retreating a step. "This general is called Shi Tianlong. This lake is very deep. It's not safe for a young lady to be alone in this place. May I ask Miss to go somewhere more safe?"

    Shi Tianlong... Even his name was somewhat similar to Sylvester Stallone's chinese name, Shi Tailong! Was it Heaven playing a joke on her? Shockingly, she met a person that looked almost like her idol.

    "Many thanks, General Shi, for your help." Ning Xuemo gave him a faint smile. She wordlessly sized him up. 'This person appears to be around 18 or 19 years old. He has a cold temperament and emits a murderous aura that only a general leading troops on the battlefield could create.

    "General Shi is also participating in the Garden Appreciation party?" Ning Xuemo was rarely in the mood to chat with someone.

    "I received an order to ensure the safety of Trickling Fragrance Garden. I was about to patrol this area... It's better for Miss to quickly leave this place." Shi Tianlong bowed, but a trace of impatience flashed through his eyes.

    He was a high-ranking military officer on the battlefield and had only made friends with hot-blooded men. He would rather go to the battlefield and put his life on the line fighting enemies, than to guard the safety of all those young masters and young misses who only knew how to eat, drink, and play.

    It would only take a moment for him to overtake this girl three times.

    Ning Xuemo was in a playful mood. She inclined her head to the side while looking at him. "You don't recognize me?"

    "Miss' identity is precious and honorable. This general had no way to recognize you. Please Miss..."

    "I am Ning Xuemo." Ning Xuemo introduced herself. She believed that he must have heard of her.

    As expected, Shi Tianlong was stunned and stared blankly. His sharp eyes stayed on Ning Xuemo. "You are Jingyuan Marquis, Great General Ning's daughter?"

    "Yes." Ning Xuemo smiled. "I'm also the bearer of misfortune everyone spoke of. You must have heard about me, right?"

    Shi Tianlong was solemn. He greeted her with respect and veneration. "Miss Ning, I hope that you will be benevolent and forgive me for my lack of manners earlier. In the army, I have heard about all of your esteemed father's achievements. I deeply admire the man. Being able to meet Miss today is truly my fortune!"

    "You're not afraid of me?" Ning Xuemo smiled while staring at him.

    "Of course not! I have gone through many battles on the battlefield. I only believe in strength. I don't believe in those messy fortune telling words. I also heard about you long ago. I heard that Miss' medical skills are astonishing and saved our crown prince..." Shi Tianlong was surprisingly talkative.

    It was quite rare to come across someone who knew her identity but didn't shy away from her due to fear.
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