Chapter 368 – Forceful Kiss (5)

    Chapter 368 - Forceful Kiss (5)

    She was feeling terribly faint as blue veins pulsed behind her ears, seemingly on the verge of bursting at any moment... After choking with water for the first time, she no longer had any control over her body and continuously choked on a few more mouthfuls of water.

    Everything was turning dark in front of her eyes. A trace of sorrow flashed within her heart. She had went through so many calamities and catastrophes, but never did she expect she would lose her life in such a god-forsaken lake!

    'HAN SHANYUE!' The bridge between us has certainly been built! If she escaped from this calamity, she absolutely must take revenge and return it to the bastard 800 fold!


    Meanwhile on the shore, Han Shanyue stood unmoving on the same spot.

    Shi Tianlong was sitting next to him with his eyes closed, appearing to be in meditation.

    But his eyelids were constantly twitching. It was obvious that he wasn't very willing to sit in meditation. Yet, he couldn't open his eyes, appearing to be immersed in a nightmare.

    From the place where Ning Xuemo sank, ripples gradually broke the surface. Within the ripples, traces of blood were mixed in...

    Clearly the drowning person had choked on water to the point of spitting out blood.

    Han Shanyue watched the spot. His finger slightly moved, but then he thought of something and refrained himself from taking action.

    After a short moment, the lake surface gradually returned back to its previous calmness. It seemed like the person under the water had either died or had fainted. In either case, there was no longer any movement.

    At this time, he took action and lightly waved his sleeve. A white light was sent out and drilled into the water. After a moment, the sounds of water splashing could be heard as Ning Xuemo was pulled out from the water by the white light. She hung halfway in the air.

    Han Shanyue moved his finger again and the white light carried her in the air until she reached the shore.

    He raised his arm and brought her into his embrace.

    Ning Xuemo was drenched with her jet-black hair messily spread on her shoulders and face. Her body temperature was icy without a trace of warm. Her charming face was deathly white with a light tint of blue. Her originally tempting red lips was now like withered petals and devoid of blood. She couldn't cut a more sorry appearance than her current situation.

    Han Shanyue's arm became stiff the instant he held her in his embrace.

    'She is not breathing!'

    He was a bit heavy with his actions and caused someone to drown...

    His arm tensed as he held her tighter. Right when he was about to do something, the sudden sound of footsteps in disarray was heard coming from nearby, followed by a voice shouting, "Teacher Han Shanyue, you- what are you doing?"

    The person who came was Ji Yunhuang, along with several nobles behind him.

    Ji Yunhuang's steps abruptly stopped the moment his sight clearly saw the scene in front of him. He almost couldn't believe what he saw!

    At this moment, the cold, aloof and unapproachable Great Master Han Shanyue was half crouching while hugging a drenched girl.

    Under Han Shanyue and the girl, a small puddle of water had already formed.

    From where Ji Yunhuang stood, it gave him a clear view of half of the pale little face of the girl.

    "XUEMO!" Ji Yunhuang ran towards the pair. "Did she fall into the water? How is she doing right now?"

    Han Shanyue didn't turn around. He simply flipped back his sleeve. Immediately, Ji Yunhuang couldn't take another step as if he was bound by something.

    Ji Yunhuang was stunned. He knew that his body losing freedom was due to Teacher Han Shanyue's mysterious attack.

    Despite being somewhat apprehensive of Han Shanyue's unfathomable skills, he still anxiously spoke, "Teacher, what happened to her in the end? This prince will go summon an imperial doctor to examine her..."

    Ning Xuemo's situation really didn't appear good, thus he was quite worried.

    "Shut up!" Han Shanyue finally spat out the words. An invisible pressure crashed down on everyone within the vicinity of several steps, causing their hearts to palpitate and rendering them as silent as cicadas in winter!

    Ji Yunhuang also didn't dare to utter another word, but he was struck by panic as he watched Han Shanyue and Ning Xuemo.
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