Chapter 370 – Forceful Kiss (7)

    Chapter 370 - Forceful Kiss (7)

    Ning Xuemo abruptly opened her big eyes. Her eyes met with a face as handsome as a painting: deep blue eyes similar to ocean waves, a tall nose, perfectly shaped lips and a waterfall of ink black hair.

    "Perfect" was the only word that could describe his appearance!

    Finally, she could clearly see his face! At the same time, she also recognized who it was: Han Shanyue!

    Within a flash, her brain recalled the matter of her near-drowning experience: the shock of being plotted against, the anger as she was forced to sink into the water and the despair as she was dying... All kinds of emotions rushed forth into her brain one after another. It turned into a great anger rushing into her chest!

    Anger was the most dreadful emotion to a special agent because anger made people impulsive, which led to lifelong regrets. Ning Xuemo felt that her breathing exercises to even her mood had been practiced to perfection and would almost forget the feel of any seething anger after using it. But not this time. At this moment, she once again experience fury!

    Hot blood rushed to her brain. She suddenly laughed coldly and fiercely sent a palm towards his chest. "Bastard! GO AND DIE!"

    The course of her angry palm came to an abrupt end midway as a hand grabbed her wrist. Han Shanyue drooped his eyes to watch her face and was met with a pair of furious eyes. He was slightly dumbfounded.

    Her originally pale little face had now turned bright red. Her eyes were like two ignited blazes, burning with deep-rooted hatred. "Han Shanyue, what kind of hatred or enmity do you have against me for you to treat me in such a way?!"

    Her throat was still sore from choking in the water, but she spoke out each word and each sentence. It was clear her anger had reached the highest point.

    Han Shanyue stiffened. "I..." He still hadn't finished speaking when Ji Yunhuang meddled in. "Xuemo, you shouldn't misunderstand. You fell into the water and he saved you."

    He saved her? If he did not plot against her, she would thank Buddha!

    If it was not for him, how could she even almost drown?! This man was simply a bully!

    Ning Xuemo trembled from anger. At this time, she only wanted to vent. All of her reason was thrown out of the window!

    Han Shanyue's hand was still holding onto her wrist. She flung her hand with extreme hatred. "Don't touch me with your dirty hand! Disgusting!"

    Han Shanyue halted once again. Unexpectedly, his hand was flung away by her. Ning Xuemo got out from his embrace and jumped out to the ground and got up.

    Han Shanyue slowly got up. "You..."

    "Han Shanyue, regardless of why you're plotting against me, the bridge between us has been built! If you have the ability, kill me right now! Otherwise, I will certainly take revenge for today's hatred!" Ning Xuemo tightly clenched her fists. If she had a knife in her hand at this moment, she would used all her strength to hack him into pieces!

    Ji Yunhuang also discovered Ning Xuemo's abnormal mood. "Xuemo, don't be angry. How about changing your clothes?"

    "She can return home!" Han Shanyue finally spoke a whole sentence. His voice was as monotone and dull as before. "Her presence is not required in this place..."

    At first, Ning Xuemo also wanted to leave, but hearing his words, her anger simply burned bigger! He wanted to dismiss her and she would go? 'In your dreams! Who does he think he is?!'

    She flipped her wet hair and, in big strides, walked to Ji Yunhuang. "Your Highness, I have to go make myself presentable."

    Han Shanyue remained silent.

    Ji Yunhuang glanced at Han Shanyue's unfathomable expression, then at Ning Xuemo. He replied in a very straightforward manner, "Good. I'll lead you."

    Ning Xuemo had almost drowned, although she recuperated, no matter if it was her head or her body, everything hurt terribly. She barely took a few steps behind Ji Yunhuang when she tripped on a small rock and stumbled a few steps.
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