Chapter 371 – Forceful Kiss (8)

    Chapter 371 - Forceful Kiss (8)

    Ji Yunhuang subconsciously helped her. His tone was suffused with deep concern. "Xuemo, are you alright?" Her little hand was still cold as ice.

    Ning Xuemo straightened her body and shook her head. "I'm alright."

    Ji Yunhuang sighed. Inadvertently, he saw her foot. "How-" One of her feet was still covered by sock and shoe, while the other was bare-foot. Her vividly snowy foot tread directly on the ground.

    Finally, Ning Xuemo became aware that she missing a shoe and sock. Earlier, when Shi Tianlong came, she only had time to wear one of her shoes and did not have time to wear the other.

    She turned her head toward the place she left her shoe, but the place was empty. She must have held onto it when she was sent into the water and dropped it.

    This place was quite remote from civilization. There were only weeds growing around here while rocks and gravel covered the rest of the road. It would be quite painful to walk the whole whole bare-foot.

    She slightly frowned. Ji Yunhuang asked, "How about I carry you?"

    Ning Xuemo retreated back a step. Her mind was still puzzled. Where could the little qilin have gone to play? Why had it not returned yet?

    Speaking of the devil, here it came!

    Not far away, a blue figure could be seen flashing. The little qilin came back from whichever nook or cranny as fast as the wind. "Master! Master!"

    It saw Ning Xuemo's wretched figure and became frightened. "Master, did you fall in the water? Earlier, I suddenly felt extremely unwell as if I was about to die and immediately tried to contact you, but no matter what I did, I couldn't reach you. So, I did my best to return as fast as possible. Master, are you alright?"

    The little qilin's words blurted out like a machine gun. Ning Xuemo already had a slight headache, but with the qilin's noisy talk, it hurt even more. She waved her hand, "I'm alright. I was plotted against by a degenerate. But it's alright now... Come, let's go back to change. Carry me since my foot hurts."

    The little qilin saw her bared foot and the many small wounds on her tender foot. It felt as if it saw a scarred beauty which stirred a feeling of distress.

    The little qilin rolled on the spot and turned back into his original form. Ning Xuemo flew on its back and left.

    When they drifted in the air, the little qilin inquired, "Master, who is the degenerate who plotted against you? Tell me and I'll go take revenge for you!"

    "No need. This hatred will be reported by me." Ning Xuemo's voice resounded coldly despite how hoarse it was.

    Although Ji Yunhuang did not know the specific details of the situation, he did hear Ning Xuemo's side and it was obvious that there was some inside story that he had no knowledge of. He could not help himself from glancing at Han Shanyue.

    The Great Master was still standing there. His face was shrouded by the darkness and his expression could not be seen. Only a feeling of desolation could be felt from him.

    Ji Yunhuang's heart palpitated. Inexplicably, he recalled the scene of Han Shanyue doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Ning Xuemo without hesitation.

    His heart felt abruptly heavy. What really happened between the both of them? The Great Master's treatment towards Ning Xuemo appeared to be out of ordinary...


    Ji Yunhuang lead Ning Xuemo to a warm room. Inside, a maidservant, who had received the orders in advance, had prepared a warm bath, ginger soup and clean clothes.

    Ji Yunhuang still did not feel reassured, so he thought about waiting outside for her.

    However, from outside came an eunuch reporting, his Majesty had arrived. Ji Yunhuang quickly left to welcome his Imperial Father. Imperial orders could not be disobeyed. Thus, he gave some instructions to the maidservant before leaving with the court eunuch.

    Ning Xuemo was soaking in the warm bath for a while before her body started to warm up. Then she drank the cold bowl of ginger soup. She finally felt comfortable and her strength recovered quite a bit.
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