Chapter 372 – Forceful Kiss (9)

    Chapter 372 - Forceful Kiss (9)

    The quality of the clothes Ji Yunhuang prepared for Ning Xuemo was pretty good. Although it was not the style she liked, it completely fit her. After she was done changing, the mirror reflected another kind of bearing which made her satisfied.

    Her maidservants who previously went around on a stroll finally found her in this place, and one of them was combing her hair.

    Ning Xuemo just let her take care of her hair these days. At present, she combed her mistress's hair according to the style of the clothes she was wearing. She combed Ning Xuemo's hair into a flowing cloud hairstyle, making her face look clear. Then, she applied some makeup on Ning Xuemo, covering the paleness of her face.

    The reflection of Ning Xuemo showed her bright and intelligent eyes, her lips similar to flower petals, and her charming face without a hint of weariness. She saw only lovable and charming beauty in the mirror.

    Finally, she was pleased. The talented maidservant lead her out of the warm room towards Precious Elegance Hall.

    This was the place where the feast for the Garden Appreciation party took place. At present, most of the people were still gathered there.

    The Precious Elegance Hall was built above water and had two floors. Nine bridges connected the hall to the shore.

    Ning Xuemo walked along the bridges until she reached the hall. By the time she arrived, she saw that the lights were shining brightly inside. Shadows of people were flickering in front of the lights, setting a contrast on the undulating blue water below. The building gave off a celestial impression.

    A young eunuch was craning his neck as she entered the building. By the time she reached the entrance, the young eunuch shouted in a sharp voice, "Marquess Ning has arrived~"

    The previously noisy hall suddenly became quiet. As Ning Xuemo proceeded inside, the sons of influential family appeared as if they had been blown away by a giant tornado as all of them suddenly scattered to each side faster than escaping from the plague!

    Ning Xuemo remained silent.

    Many months had passed since she led a tranquil life and had attended many events. She did not bring misfortune to anyone and people should no longer be afraid of her "heaven destroyer and calamitous star" titles. But then, why were those people running away from her as if she was a scourge after she fell into the water?

    Did someone say something about her?

    The little qilin who was lying on her shoulder saw her puzzlement. It stretched its ears to listen and used telepathy to inform Ning Xuemo. "Master, they said that General Shi spoke a few words with you and fell into the water because of you. What's more, he almost died. If Great Master Han Shanyue didn't timely help, General Shi would died in vain. They said... they said... that your reputation as bearer of misfortunes was justified..."

    Ning Xuemo kept silent.

    She could feel countless gazes falling on her. Many emotions could be perceived from those stares: fear, schadenfreude, disgust, etc.

    The buzzing of conversation could be heard around. The voices were suppressed into whispers, but due to the number of people, Ning Xuemo could not make out clearly what they were talking about. However, she had no need to guess to know that it was mostly defamatory words that had no other meaning than to exaggerate her reputation has bearer of bad luck.

    In a flash, she felt like a monkey in a zoo as people were watching her without restraints and making a joke out of her...

    Although Ning Xuemo's patience was high, but it did not mean that she won't be affected by the slander, so at this moment, her heart was extremely upset.

    She tried hard for so long, so long! But everything was destroyed by a few frivolous words!

    And the main culprit that caused her downfall was sitting on the seat of honor!

    At this moment, Han Shanyue was calmly sitting on the seat of honor, monopolizing a whole table while Le Xuan Emperor and the crown prince were on his left and right.
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