Chapter 373 – A Big Blind Date

    Chapter 373 - A Big Blind Date

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    Although Han Shanyue's ability was marvelous, wasn't he also a commoner? Why would the Emperor and the crown prince sit on his sides?

    Le Xuan Emperor unexpectedly didn't give her the cold shoulders. He nodded at her with a smile. "Xuemo, we heard that you fell into the water. Are you alright?"

    Ning Xuemo advanced and greeted him. "Thank you for your concern. I am alright."

    "Hmm... Then, go and sit down first." Le Xuan Emperor's tone was gentle.

    Apart from the emperor, the crown prince and that illuminated Han Shanyue sat alone on a table, the rest sat in a group of three people. What's more, the seating arrangements was quite specific as each group was composed of two men and a woman.

    It appeared that Vast Sky Empire's customs was not completely feudal. This kind of arrangement didn't make people feel that it was improper.

    In fact, this Garden Appreciation Party was originally a disguised big blind date. Those who are interested in each other would sit together.

    Well-dressed men and women appeared to be in complete harmony.

    The young ladies who participated in the event this time were not all beauties. There were many who had average looks, but they relied on their makeup to make themselves presentable.

    Because there was more men than women, adding to the high status of each young lady, even if they weren't pretty, there was still two men accompanying each of them.

    Although the men appearance were not that great, they were, after all, noble young masters with good education, standard social skills and confidence, the perfect picture of a gentleman with elegant poise.

    Today, every unmarried girl was like a princess, acting aloof as they received the attention of two men.

    Earlier a young eunuch led her to a table. At the table were two youths.

    They had handsome face and wore flirtatious clothes. Seeing their appearances, they should hail from prestigious families and had high status.

    Both of them had a scholarly bearing with each movement displaying outstanding manners. They were well-known amongst the young men present.

    It was inconceivable that no young lady had shown them some interest. Yet, they were sitting alone at this table. There was only two reasons for that.

    The first one, they both had very high standards and none of the young ladies present entered their eyes.

    The second reason, it was Le Xuan Emperor's deliberate plans. In others words, the Emperor wanted to make her choose one of them to be her husband.

    Ning Xuemo walked until she was in front of the table and clearly saw the expression they made in that instant which confirmed that the second reason held true.

    The handsome young men saw her approaching, but they didn't appear to want to hide from her like plague unlike others. Instead, they stood up and greeted her with clasped hands. They spoke politely, but fear and unwillingness shone inside their eyes.

    It was very clear that the Emperor had pressured them prior to the event, so they acted in such way.

    Ning Xuemo was an expert at gauging people's words and discerning their facial expressions. If it was like the usual, the more they feared her the more she wanted to tease them until they became depressed.

    However, right now, she had no interest at all. She sat between them as the rules dictated. The little qilin jumped off her shoulders and nestled itself in her bosom. Its front paws were resting on the table and it waited for the meal to come.

    To go as far as letting a pet take a seat!

    The two men who sat with her were originally very reluctant, but at this moment when they saw the blue cat, their mood became worst!

    One of them had a bigger temper and frowned at the sight, "Miss Ning, this is an imperial banquet, letting a pet take a seat lacks propriety."

    Although both men sat on the same table with her, they sat as far as possible from her, leaving her with lots of free space. Once again, she became the focus of everyone's attention.
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