Chapter 374 – Drawing Gasps

    Chapter 374 - Drawing Gasps

    Ning Xuemo didn't hope for the two men to treat her well, but their attitude was clearly like a knife cutting at her face causing her mood to turn worse.

    When she heard their words at this moment, she coldly sneered in her heart, but from the outside, she remained silent before faintly voicing herself, "Since it's an imperial banquet, naturally, his Majesty has a saying, but his Majesty didn't say anything. Yet on the what basis are you saying those words?"

    The young master sitting on the left side, who was the son of the Ministry of Rites' assistant minister, was fiercely choked by Ning Xuemo's words. "This..."

    Ning Xuemo no longer paid attention to him and pulled food dishes near her. She gave the blue cat many things it loved to eat. However, her heart was faintly unrested.

    She obviously knew that she would get the cold-shoulder during the banquet, but her brain must have spasmed from her interaction with Han Shanyue and, instead of taking the opportunity to return home, she threw herself in such an awkward situation.

    "What house pet? Benshen is a qilin!" The little qilin bluntly opened his mouth to retort.

    The blue cat suddenly started speaking, frightening the two young masters. Their eyes observed the blue cat. "Q-qilin?"

    The little qilin held his head high and struck out its chest. "That's me. You have eyes, but you're blind. How can you regard me as an house pet?!"

    Both men were scold by the little qilin, but they couldn't muster any anger. If it was indeed a qilin beast, to be able to converse with it was not a disgrace, but was rather an honor.

    However, they didn't really believe it. Since it was a qilin, why would it take the appearance of a blue cat?

    The son of the assistant minister inquired about it, the little qilin raised its head and answered, "Benshen knows countless transformations, so naturally, I take whichever shape I want! If I turn back into my original form, how would you fit in here?"

    Le Xuan Emperor's eyes flashed. "Little Qilin, since today is bustling with noise and excitement, why don't you turn back into your original shape for them to see? It would awe everyone."

    The little qilin was somewhat resentful from the cold reception they gave its master. It really wanted to give her back some face. It immediately snorted, but didn't decline. It strutted into the middle of the hall, then its body irradiated blue light. The blue cat disappeared and was replaced by a young qilin beast the size of half a horse.

    Its scales was sparkling and translucent like jade. Its horns were clear as jade. Its eyes were very big. It felt pleased with itself and revealed a mighty expression.

    The little qilin rarely appeared in his original form within the city. Therefore, most of the people currently present had never seen it yet. At this moment, it was the first time they caught a glimpse of the true form of the little qilin. Each of them had wide eyes. The little qilin deliberately strutted around in the middle of the hall, drawing gasps for a while.

    Countless looks of envy flew at the little qilin, and naturally, there was countless jealous gazes darting at Ning Xuemo.

    She was a trash and a bearer of misfortunes. It was such a mystery how she could have such luck, being able to find such a powerful qilin as a pet. This is really a fortune.

    Naturally, most of the jealous gazes came from the young ladies.

    Ning Xuemo was prettier compared to them. If it wasn't because of her infamous reputation, it was quite possible that all the young men within the capital would turned around her. The heart is jealous, especially towards those of the same gender. Therefore, when the young ladies looked at Ning Xuemo, they inexplicably felt sour.

    They wanted to see her deflated, so when they saw the men giving her the cold shoulder, they secretly rejoiced.

    At present, because of the little qilin, when the young men in the hall looked at Ning Xuemo, their expressions subtly changed. They no longer alienated her.

    "Little qilin, you said you can take countless shapes. What can you change into?" Le Xuan Emperor was in high spirits at the moment.
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