Chapter 375 – Concubine

    Chapter 375 - Concubine

    "I can transform into anything." The little qilin spoke with complacency.

    In order to show off its ability, the little qilin transformed with a bang into a gorgeous tiger. It roared and scared the most of the people in the hall, especially the young ladies. Their complexions were like wilted flowers. They subconsciously hid behind one of the young men next to them.

    The common people in Vast Sky Empire loved martial arts, so almost all the young men present practiced martial arts and some of the ladies knew some flowery fists and fancy footworks. It was merely rubbish, thus the women became frightened when encountering a ferocious beast.

    It made the young men happy to act like a knight in shining armor. They shield the girl behind them and imitated the manner of a hero.

    As for the men sitting on the same table as Ning Xuemo, they subconsciously observed Ning Xuemo's reaction.

    Ning Xuemo was sitting upright on the same spot and was drinking with composure.

    How come there wasn't even the slightest trace of fear on her face?

    After being stunned for a moment, they couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed.

    They once again shifted their gazes back onto the little qilin.

    The little qilin became stimulated. One moment it was a tiger; the other moment, it became a demon leopard. Next, it turned into a python.

    It transformed into all kinds of magic beasts. It gave rise to numerous screams and applauses.

    Le Xuan Emperor felt he had gain a lot of face. He couldn't help but asked the little qilin, "Young Qilin, can you transform into a human?"

    The question was just asked the little qilin felt pain on its legs!

    Its body was slightly numbed. With a blue flash, it turned back into a cat. "It's beneath me to transform into a human!" It strutted back into Ning Xuemo's bosom.

    Its gait was like a model on the runway. The attitude of the men sitting at Ning Xuemo's table became a bit more friendly.

    Their bodies leaned a bit towards her.

    The assistant minister's son looked at Ning Xuemo with a complex expression in his eyes.

    'This little girl is really pretty!'

    Not only she was the natural type of beauty, she didn't put much makeup.

    She had big eyes as if they were two water pool; a straight and refined nose; perfectly small lips with the corner of her mouth slightly raised like a nice-looking water caltrop. She had by her side the only qilin beast on the whole continent.

    "Miss Ning, if you have time, you can come to our mansion as a guest. This humble one will certainly act as your host and make you feel as home..." There was hidden meaning inside his words.

    "Ah?" Ning Xuemo was holding a white jade cup of wine as she slightly raised an eyebrow, looking as if she didn't understand what he was talking about.

    The young men's bluntly spoke more clearly, so his voice lowered. "Miss Ning, you also know what your current reputation is like. It'll be difficult for you to find a husband. I sincerely cannot bear to see you like this. If you agree for the little qilin to be raised under the assistant minister's name, I can reconsider taking you in... Heh, considering your reputation, it's highly unlikely for you to be the main wife. I can let you be a concubine. It be considered giving you a good home. If Grand Marshal Ning in the underworld knew, he would be relieved."

    He showed an expression like he was making her a big favor. Furthermore, he was acting as if he was a martyr, sacrificing his happiness for the good of his family.

    When the words floated into the little qilin's ears, it immediately wanted to explode. Ning Xuemo stroked its head to calm it down.

    She slanted her head and looked at the young men with a smile. "Concubine, a good home... Young master, are you saying I should reconsider that?"

    Her voice was neither loud nor low. It was just enough for everyone in the hall to hear. Their ears all stand erected, eager to ear the gossips. Once again, Ning Xuemo became the focus of everyone's attention.

    Le Xuan Emperor slightly frowned. Ji Yunhuang couldn't stop himself from bursting in anger. "Young master Zhao, what did you say?! Xuemo is a giant among men. Only the best one man is worthy of her and she deserved to be treated properly! Your words are insulting her!"
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