Chapter 376 – The Pain of a Broken Body

    Chapter 376 - The Pain of a Broken Body

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    Young Master Zhao stiffened and couldn't help but mumble, "She's one of a kind? Everybody says that she's a Millennium Lonely Phoenix and a Calamitous Star. Anyone who marries her would face misfortune and not only is she a waste, but her reputation isn't good either... A type of person like her would be considered lucky if she could become a concubine. If it wasn't..."

    Then, he secretly cast a glance at Le Xuan Emperor, before continuing, "If it wasn't for Your Majesty's  benevolence, seeing that she was pitiful and wanted to find a husband for her, who would want to marry her..."

    "Clap! Clap! Clap!" Ning Xuemo lightly clapped. Her applause was clear and sharp. Everyone in the audience heard it.

    "Then does that mean that you gave me the position of a concubine, because I have the Emperor's favor?" Ning Xuemo lightly smiled, her hand still holding that cup of wine.

    Since everything had already been said, Young Master Zhao raised his head in a 'might as well' fashion. "Exactly! It's because this Young Master Zhao is kind-hearted!"

    "But I don't like weak men." The wine cup in Ning Xuemo's hand suddenly flew right above young master Zhao's head; it overturned and spilled all over his body!

    Young Master Zhao's martial arts could be considered quite good. His psychokinesis was already at rank 5. Compared to other young men, his abilities could be considered excellent.

    But somehow, he couldn't evade the cup of wine Ning Xuemo spilled on him!

    Covered in wine, he jumped to his feet, glowering at Ning Xuemo. "You... trash... Who is the weak one..."

    He didn't even finish his sentence when unknowingly, his collar was grabbed by someone. Before he could even react to what was going on, his body was flung out, flying as high as the clouds and fog!

    It was unknown whether she did it on purpose or not, but when Ning Xuemo flung him, she was facing Han Shanyue's seat!

    Han Shanyue saw the person flying towards him, but other than lowering his eyelashes, he had no other reaction.

    "Bang!" Young Master Zhao seemed to hit an invisible barrier three feet away from Han Shanyue's seat. He slid down and rolled on the ground before lying prone, not getting up.

    No one expected something like this to occur. They all stood there dazed, like wooden birds. First, they stared at young master Zhao, who was on the floor, then looked at the free and unfettered Ning Xuemo who was standing with a smile on her face. Unconsciously, they all shrank back a little!

    The young master who was sharing a spot with Ning Xuemo was scared to the point of shaking. He sat there stiffly. He had no courage to run, but he was scared if he didn't run. The cup of wine in his hand was pouring the liquid onto his hand, but he didn't seem to notice.

    Ning Xuemo dusted off her small hands, arrogantly looking down at young master Zhao, faintly mocking, "I heard that Young Master Zhao is a very talented individual. How does it feel to be thrown around by a waste?"

    Young master Zhao's body felt as painful as if his bones had all been broken.

    Clearly, he hit a considerably round and smooth solid shield. However, he felt as though he had actually hit a hard boulder. His felt dizzy and disoriented. There wasn't a single joint in his body that didn't feel painful.

    He wanted to get up, but his four limbs were extremely sore and limp.

    He stubbornly jumped up and spun around, only to land back on the ground, making a fool out of himself again.

    His hair was a mess; his clothes were falling apart, and his shoes had fallen off. How could young master Zhao, who had always lived a life full of pampering and wealth, withstand this sort of humiliation?

    He was embarrassed, angry, surprised, and he wished to find a hole that he could hide himself in!

    Since the grand hall had no hole for him to crawl into, he could only hatefully raise his head. His handsome face looked red and swollen, as he glared at Ning Xuemo. "You... you... what kind of tricks did you use?"

    Ning Xuemo tilted her head as she looked at him. Her gaze became increasingly cold, "Tricks? Going against a weak and childish person like you, why do I need to use any tricks?"
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