Chapter 377 – Stolen Seat

    Chapter 377 - Stolen Seat

    Young master Zhao's face went from red to purple!

    He believed that he was one of the top geniuses within the capital. Usually, when he trained, at least tens of people were needed just to barely subdue him.

    Yet there he was thrown aside like rubbish by the person known to everybody as trash. If this was known, how could he keep his face?

    However, in the end, just how was he thrown aside by that rubbish? !

    Even he was unable to see how Ning Xuemo did it!

    Everybody in the room was similarly amazed. They stared at Ning Xuemo with eyes full of puzzlement and shock.

    "Alright, alright. Zhao Xuan, you still underestimates Marquess Ning. The two of you are youths simply playing around... Servants, help young master Zhao to go change his clothes..." Le Xuan Emperor helped smooth things over as he was in a good mood today.

    One of the attendants had long since gone over and helped Prince Zhao leave.

    The small commotion passed by at once.

    After Young Master Zhao withdrawn to wash and change his clothes, it was obvious that he didn't want to return to the banquet that had caused him to lose so much face.

    However, the banquet was overseen by the Emperor.  As the Emperor's subject, how could he dare to leave the banquet first. He didn't have much choice but to eventually return.

    Upon his return, he greeted Le Xuan Emperor and the crown prince, but he refused to return to his original seat no matter what.

    Fortunately, there was another young master who had left his seat, thus he conveniently he went there and sat there instead.

    Le Xuan Emperor actually accepted this. Anyways, with what just occurred, Ning Xuemo and Young Master Zhao were already incompatible, might as well give the opportunity to another young man...

    When the young master who went to relieve himself came back, he encountered a serious problem: his seat had been taken!

    And the only seat left was the one next to Ning Xuemo...

    His heart skipped a beat, and he mulled over what to do as Le Xuan Emperor began to speak, "Hua Qinghou, you'll sit next to Ning Xuemo."

    Hua Qinghou was the son of the assistant minister of the Ministry of War and was born tall and sturdy. Appearing quite majestic, he walked in a vigorous manner.

    His father was, of course, a loyal subject, and Le Xuan Emperor wanted Ning Xuemo to choose him as a possible husband.

    Because he was the son of one of his generals; he was a relatively straightforward individual, making

    Thus, he was foolish enough to say, "Your Majesty, this humble one doesn't dare sit next to Marquess Ning."

    "Hm, why?" Le Xuan Emperor raised his eyebrows. "The truth is, Xuemo isn't really a trash. Her skills are top notch, and so, you guys can probably compare notes about martial arts with each other."

    "This humble one does not desire a woman with great valor. I fear that with one wrong word, I will be beaten up..." Hua Qinghou was actually a straightforward person and spoke out all his apprehensions.

    Le Xuan Emperor was speechless.

    Everybody roared in laughter and one after another, looked toward Ning Xuemo's direction, taking joy in her misfortune, as well as, ridiculing her while simultaneously sympathizing a bit with her.

    Ning Xuemo clenched the wine cup with her fingers!

    This group of repulsive men! If your psychokinesis wasn't good enough they ridicule you as trash. If your martial arts his stronger than them, they avoid comparing with you...

    She was forced to sit next to a young master who was continuously in fear as he watched her expression. At this moment, her beautiful face sank, and he began to panic. The chopsticks he was holding began to tremble.

    His trembling chopsticks caused his plate to make a sound. Ning Xuemo didn't look very happy and casted a sidelong glance at him. "Why are you shaking? Are you afraid this girl will toss you out as well?"

    It was the young master surnamed Mo, whom Ning Xuemo had asked. He was so afraid of her intimidation which caused his chopsticks to fall on his plate.

    He frantically crawled up and left his seat. He made a dash to Le Xuan Emperor and bowed. "Your Majesty, this humble servant... uh, also asks for a change in seats..."
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