Chapter 378 – Great Loss of Face!

    Chapter 378 -Great Loss of Face!

    Le Xuan Emperor became speechless.

    What a great loss of face!

    The chancellor's son normally was used to sensual pleasures and was quite sheltered. And now, he was frightened by a little girl into losing practically all of his face!

    Ning Xuemo indifferently spoke, "How can a phoenix and bird shared the same seat? Your Majesty, this subordinate does not wish to sit with this coward either!"

    Le Xuan Emperor unexpectedly stayed silent, and his men once again made arrangements for the tables for Young Master Mo and Young Master Hua to sit down.

    This made Ning Xuemo look as if she held the upper hand, however, the hall was filled with young maidens who were accompanied by young men; only she did not have one as she sat alone.

    The hall was filled with men who took a glance at her body from time to time. Some sympathized with her, while others ridiculed her, and some enjoyed her misfortune.

    Ning Xuemo let out a sigh. She wasn't in the mood to choose a husband, but she still felt frustrated being ostracized like this.

    She had always been an optimistic person since her previous incarnation, and the men who courted her could surround an entire city, including many friends worldwide.

    It could be said that her peach blossoms were extremely lush, but after coming here, she didn't expect her love life to end up like this, with men avoiding her as if she was a great scourge.

    After thinking about it, it's all thanks to Han Shanyue!

    If it wasn't for that bastard saying she was the bane of other's existence, how would her days be this difficult?!

    She looked towards Han Shanyue's direction and gave him a hateful glare. She wanted to make mincemeat of his heart!

    Han Shanyue had been sitting there all along, his attitude somewhat careless, his wide sleeve trailing behind his back. The hall was brightly lit by candle flames, but this couldn't reveal his true appearance. His facial traits were as vague and indistinct as before.

    Just what kind of appearance obstructing technique was he using?

    People couldn't clearly see his facial expressions.

    Even if she saw him clearly before, her memory of him was unexpectedly fuzzy and unclear.

    His martial skill was actually this profound?!

    It'd be extremely difficult for her if she wanted to seek revenge...

    However, not only did Ning Xuemo have some suspicions of him, Le Xuan Emperor, Crown Prince Ye, and all of the military present had some suspicions of him, because they too were unable to see his profundity.

    But, a single move from that great master would suffice to feel indescribable pressure, as if he was a natural saint with nobody daring to slight him.

    Actually, the majority of the nobles present were all extremely elegant, going through large amounts of training, and every movement they made was filled with boundless nobility.

    This great master Han Shanyue actually had an honorable disposition, making people feel the urge to kneel before him.

    It was as if mere mortals were gazing upon a deity.

    He obviously didn't do anything, nor did he say anything. Le Xuan Emperor noticed him and did not dare neglect him, treating him with the utmost etiquette and respect.

    One always needed to be mindful when speaking to Han Shanyue...

    Right now, the banquet was in chaos due to Ning Xuemo's actions, yet it seemed like he never noticed.

    Lazily sitting at his seat, he was playing with the jade wine cup in his hand. His eyes was drooped down low, unaware of anything happening.

    At last, he seemed to perceive Ning Xuemo's gaze directed at him, and he slightly leaned his head and gave her a glance.

    The glance was emotionless. He merely looked at Ning Xuemo's pair of bright eyes, full of burning enmity. A hint of amusement flashed past his eyes.

    Apparently, he had truly committed a horrid offense against her.

    Le Xuan Emperor feeling unresigned, still wanted to assign two escorts to sit beside Ning Xuemo.

    Whenever his gaze fell upon a person, the person shrank back. It was obvious that nobody wanted to take part in this troublesome matter.
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