Chapter 379 – The Wise King’s Heir Arrived

    Chapter 379 - The Wise King's Heir Arrived

    The other young maidens looked toward Ning Xuemo. They took joy from her misfortune.

    So what if you have a divine beast?

    Who cares if you have high achievements in your martial arts cultivation?

    You still can't get the favor of men?

    To sit over there all alone made her look like a huge joke.

    The mood of the banquet was somewhat delicate at the moment.

    Just as Le Xuan Emperor wanted to dissolve this embarrassing situation, an eunuch rushed from outside to report, "Reporting to Your Majesty, the Wise King's heir is visiting!"

    "What?!" Le Xuan Emperor suddenly stood up!

    The chancellor who sat nearby also stood up at the same time, looking at the eunuch in shock.

    The eunuch hurriedly repeated himself, saying once more,  "The Wise King's heir is waiting right outside."

    Le Xuan Emperor had no choice but to respond, "Invite him quickly!" He turned to face Ji Yunhuang, "Huang'er, lead some representatives to greet our guest in my stead."

    Ji Yunhuang led some men out. Ning Xuemo rummaged through her mind to find any information on this Wise King.

    Within the continent, the emperor wasn't the most respected figure.

    Aside from the five emperors, a few sects and families were not bound by imperial authority but instead, abided by a separate ruling system.

    For instance, the Sun Moon Sect, the Storm Sect, and the Everlasting School.

    Apart from the aforementioned famous sects and schools, there were also a few hidden clans.

    For the most part, they existed within their own territories, obeying their own laws and decrees. These clans used their bloodline to continue the legacy of their schools, and all disciples were skilled with psychokinesis with experts as common as the clouds. They were self reliant and didn't need the aid of the Imperial houses.

    The only difference was that sects had disciples with many different surnames, while clans were comprised of family members and did not accept outsiders.

    However, their power within the continent was not to be underestimated. The clan hierarchy was extremely strict.

    Even among the many clans, the Wise King Clan was particularly powerful. The Wise King Clan's leader called himself the Wise King, and only the son of the Wise King could take over his position.

    The members of the Wise King Clan were extremely low key and didn't bother with the secular world. Thus, there was very little knowledge of their clan.

    Even most of the Imperial families didn't met with them face to face.

    The Wise King Clan's power was not to be trifled with. If they were offended, even for the Imperial families, it would be difficult for them to escape from death.

    The Wise King was originally called the King of Hell, but because of how nefarious it sounded, it was later changed to Wise King.

    Now that the Wise King's son had come to pay a visit, Le Xuan Emperor did not dare to slight him.

    Now, all the young boys and girls present had an expression of curiosity and excitement. Everybody stretched their neck and peek towards the door. They all wanted to see what the heir of the mysterious Wise King looked like.

    Within a moment, the Wise King's son followed Ji Yunhuang into the room.

    Ji Yunhuang's expression was somewhat subtle; he came in first and gave Ning Xuemo a glance.

    When Ning Xuemo got a clear glimpse of the Wise King's son, she dropped her wine cup and blurted, "Xijue!"

    Xijue who she hasn't seen for the whole day came in at this moment!

    However, what he worn was ink black king's clothes with a majestic dragon embroidered on it. His imposing manner had underwent a complete change.

    Before he was dressed in a marquis bodyguard uniform and looked like a razor sharp blade, his brilliant splendor hidden within. Furthermore, he looked a little childish.

    And now that his body was outfitted with luxurious garments fitting only  monarchs, his entire being was like a stone polished into diamond, radiating resplendent glory.

    Respectable, honorable, indifferent, and aloof, he resembled a king ruling over his lands.

    Behind him were four attendants, each and every one of them looked sharp and valiant. It was clear that each was a one-in-ten thousand genius.
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