Chapter 380 – I Recently Run Into a Prince

    Chapter 380 - I Recently Run Into a Prince

    Xijue came in and swept a glance at Ning Xuemo first, his thin lips slightly curled upwards. The amazement on her face made him feel satisfied towards Ning Xuemo.

    Right now, he looked very aloof, giving off a regal appearance. When he greeted Le Xuan Emperor, he answered appropriately. His manners were not lesser than anyone else's.

    Ning Xuemo couldn't help but press the space between her brows; she'd been quite lucky recently.

    She didn't expect that the person she had randomly saved in the Heavenly Book Mountain would turn out to be the son of a prince.

    Even stranger was the fact that he came over to her house and acted like a personal bodyguard for quite a while.

    Was this child trying to go incognito by disguising himself as a commoner?

    He was actually willing to stay in her small manor and become a servant.

    Le Xuan Emperor naturally received the Wise King's heir with great hospitality, commanding the attendants to set up a table for him.

    Xijue waved his hand, 'You don't need to bother yourself with this, Your Majesty."

    He turned towards Ning Xuemo, striding past Le Xuan Emperor to take a seat by her side. "This Prince likes this seat just fine."

    Le Xuan Emperor was speechless.

    He coughed, "Prince, that's the seat of an official, with your status, you should have a table to yourself."

    "It's not necessary, this Prince doesn't mind. Also, I have quite a good relationship with Miss Ning, I'd like to sit here so we may chat a little bit." Xijue sat down, unexpectedly refusing to move.

    Prince Xijue was pretty handsome, had a noble background, and his bearing was quite majestic, not to be outdone by Ji Yunhuang.

    This kind of young man attracted the gazes of all the young maidens within the hall. Countless feelings of affection began to emerge.

    One of the beautiful maidens was so infatuated that she stood up while she tried to find a suitable excuse to sit down next to him.

    However, she didn't expect him to sit by Ning Xuemo's side. She gave out a large cry as she sat down once again, giving up on the whole idea.

    She secretly clenched her teeth; she was quite unwilling as she sat back down.

    "Xuemo, we hadn't seen each other for a day, are you well?" Xijue's gaze fell onto Ning Xuemo's body.

    "Xuemo thanks your highness for your concerned. I've been well." Ning Xuemo answered.

    Le Xuan Emperor didn't expect that Ning Xuemo had already met such a respected person of the likes of the Wise King's heir before. Listening to their dialogue, he couldn't help but to ask, "Xuemo, are you and the Wise King's son, old friends?"

    Ning Xuemo remained expressionless, "Reporting to Your Majesty, Xuemo was fortunate to meet his Highness at Heavenly Book Mountains. The Prince had been incognito when he interacted with me, and then he came to my mansion. I didn't know of his identity. I accidentally wronged him by making him my personal bodyguard for several days."

    Le Xuan Emperor was speechless.

    Something like that is possible?!

    While he was investigating Marquess Ning, why wasn't this person investigated?

    He needed to switch out his spies!

    Ji Xue gave Ning Xuemo a glance, before unenthusiastically speaking, "Xuemo, please don't blame me for going incognito, this prince wanted to repay you in full for saving my life, therefore I came to your manor to pay you back."

    "Hehe, I still feel like I've troubled you, Prince." Ning Xuemo remained calm.

    "There's no trouble." Xijue's eyes gazed at her face, "Xuemo, are you mad at me?"

    "How could I! Prince is over sensitive." Ning Xuemo stated.

    "Then why aren't you smiling?" Xi Jue wouldn't let her off.

    I'm not a call-girl!

    Ning Xuemo ridiculed in her heart. She picked up her wine glass and said, "Meeting with Prince is making me nervous. Come, Prince, Xuemo offers you a cup."

    Xijue looked at her before raising his own wine glass. "No need to be so formal, calling me Xijue is fine."

    "Xuemo doesn't dare."

    "Why don't you dare, this Prince allows you."
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