Chapter 381 – I came for you

    Chapter 381 - I came for you

    Xijue was a teenage child with a noble upbringing and as a result, he had quite a stubborn temperament.

    Ning Xuemo was getting a headache from this; she didn't want to get into this kind of pointless argument with him, "Alright, Your Highness Xijue."

    "Remove the 'Your Highness'." Xijue was quite the stubborn one.

    Ning Xuemo clenched her teeth, "Fine, Xijue! Is this good enough?"

    "Mm, it's good enough." Xijue had achieved his aim. Now that he was satisfied, he downed his cup of wine. His eyes twinkled as he looked at Ning Xuemo, and he spoke with a measured pace, "No matter my identity, Xuemo, I don't want the two of us to drift apart."

    His penetrating gaze caused Ning Xuemo's scalp to feel numb, and she couldn't help but give a nod, "Of course, we definitely won't drift apart. I've always treated you as a friend."

    Damn brat, your identity is already so great, no wonder you had an aloof personality.

    Even while he had acted as her bodyguard, he didn't act like the other subordinates and call her mistress, but rather addressed her as Miss Ning.

    He might as well start calling her "Xuemo" from now on.

    However, with his grand background, why did he risk going to the Heavenly Book Mountains without a single bodyguard back then?

    He had also dressed like a common martial artist, making her think that he was just an ordinary person.

    It was really odd though, why did he resemble Number Two so much? She didn't need to ask to know that they were somehow related by blood. Was it possible that Number Two was a part of the Wise King Clan?

    Aside from the main branch of the Wise King Clan, there were also numerous other side branches of the family that supported the clan.

    Is it possible that Number Two was a part of a lesser family branch?

    If you looked at Xijue's attitude, it looked like he didn't even know about the existence of Number Two.

    Shouldn't Xijue be a little interested in Number Two, if he was a member of one of the branch families?

    Granted, even if they lost a common member of the clan, the main branch would probably not care about it, so Xijue probably didn't know of Number Two's existence from the start. She pitied Number Two.

    "Xuemo, what're you thinking about?" Xijue used his chopsticks to give Xuemo a piece of fish. He knew her food preferences well since he had stayed by her side for a while.

    "I'm thinking about Number Two..." Ning Xuemo replied absentmindedly.

    "Crack!" Ning Xuemo's plate cracked as the piece of fish landed on her plate.

    Fortunately, the young qilin was quick to react and put both of his hands together and formed a barrier in order to prevent any of the soup from spilling onto Ning Xuemo's clothes.

    Ning Xuemo came to her senses, looking at Xijue's expression which had mysteriously darkened.

    "I'm sorry, it's my mistake." Xijue said in an unhurried manner, though he secretly clenched his teeth.

    He smiled a smile that wasn't a smile at Ning Xuemo, "Xuemo, can you not think about that person in front of me?!" His voice sounded somewhat cold.

    Why are you blaming me for the fact that both of you look alike?

    Ning Xuemo sighed and grumbled under her breath, "Fine, I was just thinking, that's all. I won't mention him. Anyway, why were you all alone at Heavenly Book Mountain? You were even in such a terrible condition..."

    "I... heard some rumours about that place. I'll tell you again later." Xijue said softly, wanting to change the subject.

    Ning Xuemo discovered that Xijue didn't really talk much about himself, and that she didn't know him very well.

    A faint smile could be seen on Xijue's cold baby face from time to time, making it known to others that he was interested in her.

    Ning Xuemo wasn't really used to Xijue acting like this. However, it was inconvenient for her to say anything since they were in public.

    What was more, it'd be really embarrassing if he went away, leaving her without a companion to sit with. In the end, she gave up, knowing that she at least looked the part of a princess like this...

    Grenn's Rants Corner

    Man... why Xuemo doesn't board any ship? Even if it was a failed romance and they separated in the end, just jump on some ship, because your main ship is stuck in ice.
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