Chapter 382 – Seduction

    Chapter 382 - Seduction

    "Prince Xijue, you came to my country, but I only found out today. I have neglected you and let you feel wronged. I am extremely apologetic." Le Xuan Emperor started to worm his way into being Xijue's friend.

    Everyone under the skies knew that the Wise King clan made amulets. On this continent, amulet masters were just as rare as alchemists.

    One amulet could cost thousands of gold and some were priceless.

    Amulet masters were urgently sought after by every country. Now that the heir of the Wise King had come here, he naturally had to spend some time to form a good relationship with him.

    "This prince does not feel wronged. Your Majesty does not need to be so polite." Xijue's voice was light and cold, restoring the cold and detached personality he had in front of others.

    While politely greeting Le Xuan Emperor, he also grabbed a plate that was slightly further away and brought it towards Ning Xuemo, "This shrimp roe is pretty good. I already tried it and the taste seems to be something you would like. Give it a try."

    While saying this, his voice softened greatly.

    When did this little brat become so familiar with her taste preferences?!

    She specifically remembered that whenever she was eating, she never let him serve her...

    Ning Xuemo had an embarrassed and surprised face. This Prince Xijue was very attentive to her. In fact, he was much better than the treatment those noble princes gave to their female companions who were sitting right next to them.

    Those girls used to secretly laugh at her. Now, they had transitioned from taking joy in her misfortunes to being envious to the point of breathing fire.

    Out of all the young masters and nobles present, besides the Crown Prince and the Master Han Shanyue, who seemed young beyond his age, who else had a status higher than prince Xijue?

    Not to mention he had talent. Out of all the people present, his appearance could be considered top-notch.

    Especially that pair of eyes that looked at people with deep and cold detachment. It was unknown as to how many of the young girls present felt their hearts jump and ripple.

    Even more so, he was very gentlemanly and elegant. He was so caring towards the girl next to him... Ning Xuemo

    Ji Yunhuang's expression wasn't too good. He looked over at Ning Xuemo's table with a faint, complex look in his eyes.

    As the host, he could not impulsively display his unhappy feelings. However, from time to time, he would insert a comment to shift Xijue's attention from Ning Xuemo to the conversation.

    Grudgingly, Xijue spoke around twenty sentences to him. All of his replies were cold and faint, not rude, nor overly intimate. This made Ji Yunhuang feel as though he was trying to flatter Prince Xijue but he didn't care about him in the least.

    Even if Xijue was conversing with someone, he still wouldn't lack in taking care of Ning Xuemo.

    He helped her peel the shrimps, helped her get the food she wanted, and even placed her favorite dishes in front of her.

    He even knew that when she ate spicy stuff, she only ate the mildly spicy food. If there was a dish she liked to eat but it was too spicy, he would rinse off the spice for her in the soup pot.

    This was Ning Xuemo's first time being taken care of by someone in this way. She couldn't help but wonder if this prince was stimulated by something, or wanted to provoke someone...?

    Could it be that in this great hall, one of the many thousands of young girls was the girl he liked and he was using her as a prop to provoke that girl?

    Her thoughts were still unfinished when a young girl elegantly walked up.

    This young girl was the prettiest girl present, other than Ning Xuemo.

    Her identity was very noble, as the daughter of the senior minister of the previous dynasty. She had many talents and was a psychokinesis master, and was regarded as one of the capital's Four Great Beauties, she was more popular than Ji Yunyao.

    She was the girl that all of the capital's noble young men chased after. However, she was proud and arrogant and would refuse them all.

    Now, however, she was actually carrying a cup of wine as she walked towards Prince Xijue...
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