Chapter 383 – Love Rival

    Chapter 383 - Love Rival

    Now, she actually came to stand before Prince Xijue, carrying a cup of wine. Her eyes looked as if waves were roaring in them, "Prince, a few days ago, Xiangmeng did not realize your identity and offended you. Now, Xiangmeng has specially come to apologize."

    Her voice was clear and melodious, like an oriole's singing. It was very moving and beautiful to hear.

    Xijue didn't get up, he only shot her a quick glance and didn't make any move to raise his cup of wine either. "Miss Xiangmeng does not need to be so polite."

    Miss Xiangmeng straight-forwardly sat down on the seat. "Your Majesty, if you don't drink this cup of wine from Xiangmeng, that means that you still feel angry over that day's events, and that you haven't forgiven Xiangmeng..." Her voice contained a few strands of bitterness.

    Looks like there's a story!

    Ning Xuemo decided to stay on the side and watch the play unfold.

    "Prince, do you have some misunderstanding with Miss Xiangmeng? Why not take this moment to solve this misunderstanding."

    Le Xuan Emperor also used this opportunity to help resolve the issue, "Miss Zhao is Zhao Xiang's only daughter. She is gentle and virtuous and is one of our Vast Sky empire's most talented young women... I don't know what your misunderstanding was that day, but I might be able to help resolve this. Young adults will occasionally have some awkward matters that they argue over, after all."

    Xijue wrinkled his brows. Before he could say a word, Miss Zhao Xiangmeng had already opened her mouth, "Actually... Actually, it's Xiangmeng's fault. A month ago, Xiangmeng was playing around in the country and met His Highness. At that time, the Prince was right behind Xiangmeng's carriage. Xiangmeng thought he was a lecherous man, so... so Xiangmeng reprimanded him a little, and he left in anger..."

    Xijue, this little brat, actually once had feelings of love and chased after a girl?

    It was true that he had just entered puberty and adolescence. Obviously, he would start to have feelings for the opposite sex. After meeting a pretty girl and stalking her, it could be excused for confused feelings and unruly emotions.

    In his family, the only girls he would be able to meet would be girls from his own family. He couldn't fall in love with those girls.

    Therefore, after leaving home, it wouldn't be strange if he fell in love with some beautiful young girl.

    Ning Xuemo quietly analyzed the situation mentally, with a gaze that was even deeper and more thoughtful.

    Just as she was looking at the play, she suddenly felt all the hairs on her body stand straight. It was as if a pair of ice cold eyes were staring at her.

    In this great hall, other than that person, no one else would be able to give her that feeling!

    Ning Xuemo immediately looked toward Han Shanyue, who was sitting in the place of honor, calm and collected!

    Same as before, she still couldn't see his face. However, she could feel that he was quietly sizing her up, could feel his eyes on her, but she couldn't sense his mood.

    Ning Xuemo sent a provoking stare back. This scoundrel might have high martial talents, but in this place filled with numerous people, what could he do to her?

    She wasn't afraid of him!

    The two people stared at each other for a moment. Unexpectedly, Han Shanyue smiled and finally moved his eyes. He raised his cup of wine and unhurriedly drank a sip.

    His attitude was unspeakably carefree and leisurely. It carried a peculiar cadence that made Ning Xuemo's heart slightly jump.

    It seemed as if he was about to size her up again...

    She moved her eyes away, but all the cells in her body were very tense!

    She became slightly absent-minded and wandered off into her own thoughts. She didn't even hear what Xijue said to Miss Xiangmeng...

    "Xuemo, what are you thinking about? Where did your mind fly off to?" Xijue used his chopsticks to tap on the plate in front of her with displeasure, drawing her consciousness back.

    Ning Xuemo returned to her senses and suddenly realized that that Miss Xiangmeng, who had been sitting down, had dejectedly returned to her former seat.

    Her body was even slightly shaking. Evidently, she had suffered a hard blow when she had interacted with Xijue!

    Hey, her mind only wandered for a short while. How did the situation progress so quickly?

    Ning Xuemo looked at Xi Jue with a flabbergasted expression. Her limpid and watery eyes clearly displayed the questions she felt inside.
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