Chapter 384 – Devotion For the Sake of A Life Saving’s Grace

    Chapter 384 - Devotion For the Sake of A Life Saving's Grace

    Xi Jue could not help but sigh. He knew that just then, she was not listening!

    "That day, I wasn't purposefully following her. It's because she was wearing a type of perfume that had attracted all the butterflies around her so that they were  flying behind her carriage. However, this type of perfume is solely owned by the Wise King clan, so I didn't know where she could've gotten her hands on it. I was also unsure whether it really was that perfume or not, so I followed behind for a period of time. I couldn't expect that this sort of misunderstanding would occur and that she would think that I'm a perverted stalker. At that time, I didn't want to bother with explaining my true purpose and I had also realized that that perfume wasn't the same as my family's perfume but was only similar, so I left. Even if my tastes in girls was worse, it still wouldn't be bad to that degree. How could I be enchanted by a girl like her?" Prince Xijue explained.

    It turned out it was this type of misunderstanding!

    Ning Xuemo found it laughable and could not help but raise her head to shoot a glance at that Miss Xiangmeng.

    The real story must have affected this miss a great deal.

    After all, Miss Xiangmeng was famous due to rumors that her body naturally emitted a rare perfume that could attract butterflies.

    Now, it looked like this scent was not natural, but rather applied.

    Her legendary and mysterious image was destroyed just like this. No wonder why she looked as if she had suffered a hard blow.

    After hearing Xijue's last sentence, she could could not help but laugh, "Your standards are rather high. I wonder what type of girl would be able to enter your eyes?"

    Originally, she had only said it to tease him, but she did not expect Xijue to look her in the eyes, his pupils slowly darkening, "What do you think?"

    Ning Xuemo felt slightly fearful as he continued to look at her with those eyes and started laughing nervously, "How would I know?"

    Just as she was about to add another sentence to change the topic, Xijue unexpectedly smiled slightly and said, "You know, Xuemo."

    The way he called her name was soft yet firm, making Ning Xuemo's heart jump again. She felt that he had more words to say.

    As expected, he paused before continuing, "I remember that there was a saying that said 'It's impossible to return the favor of somebody saving one's life, so one must devote one's life to their savior as repayment..."

    Ning Xuemo trembled and corrected him, "Prince, this type of saying is usually reserved for girls to say to the men they admire who also save them..."

    "It's still the same if you reverse it. Xuemo, I..." Xijue had not finished confessing when his words were interrupted by the brittle sound of a cup landing on the ground.

    "Bang!" The jade cup fell, shattering into pieces on the green jade floor.

    That sound was extremely loud, startling everyone. One by one they raised their heads to look at where the sound came from.

    "My hand slipped." Han Shanyue indifferently said, his tone of voice sounding unhappy. The wine cup he had originally carried in his hand was missing.

    The crowd did not think much of it. Emperor Le Xuan immediately ordered people to bring Han Shanyue a new cup. This cup was made of mutton fat jade and was also one of the palace's invaluable objects.

    Ning Xuemo also did not think much of this, only thinking that the sound of the wine cup landing on the ground was a little too loud. That sound was as if it was sounding directly from within her head. She could not help but tremble.

    However, this chaotic moment also made Xijue lose his best moment to confess to Ning Xuemo.

    He wanted to talk to Ning Xuemo again, but Le Xuan Emperor seemed to suddenly become a chatterbox, continuously asking him all sorts of questions and making small talk with him, making him unable to broach the topic to Ning Xuemo again.

    Even though Xijue was talking to the Emperor, he was still extremely caring towards Ning Xuemo. It was unknown as to how many young girls were secretly angered to the point of seeing red from this.

    One young girl finally could not bear it and suddenly said, "As this is the first time Your Majesty has come, has Your Majesty heard of the Heavenly Calamitous Lonely Star?"
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