Chapter 385 – The Poisoneous-tongued Xijue

    Chapter 385 - The Poisoneous-tongued Xijue

    This sentence was full of malicious intent, clearly revealing her hidden meaning.

    Ning Xuemo raised her brows and glanced at that young girl. That girl was the most ordinary-looking girl present.

    When these noble young ladies gathered, she was always the one to be neglected and pushed off to the side.

    She already had a bellyful of anger and resentment.

    After seeing Ning Xuemo become the most unwelcomed one out of them all, she felt incredibly happy and the resentment in her heart lessened greatly.

    Now, seeing that Ning Xuemo had actually turned her fortunes over and received the honorable Prince Ming's favour, it made her incredibly unhappy.

    Due to the heated anger in her head, she actually spouted out such a sentence.

    Ning Xuemo's beautiful face darkened. Just as she was about to open her mouth to say something, the silent Xijue actually opened his mouth, "I've never believed in such mystical and weird things."

    "Prince is young and may not understand this. The Heavenly Calamitous Lonely Star brings bad luck to the parents, siblings, and husband. It brings misfortune to all those close to her..." That girl would not give up.

    "This Prince is indeed young. I am not as old as this young miss and do not understand much about this. Bringer of Ill Fortune or not, this is only something made up by humans. It's not worth believing. However, girls who are ugly, old, and love being mischievous happen to be very lively about this subject. It can't help but make people hate those types of girls. Miss, don't you think so?" Xijue opened his mouth again.

    Those words were clearly aimed at the girl. That girl had big ambitions but an ugly appearance and even though she was already twenty, she still had yet to be married.

    In this time period, girls were commonly married off at 16 or 17 years old. At her age, she was indeed considered quite old.

    Adding on the unrest in her heart and the imbalanced hormones in her body, it made her look four or fives years older than her real age.

    She avoided questions about her age the most and hated hearing the words "old" and "ugly" even more.

    Xijue's words caused her painted on delicate-looking face to turn green!

    Ning Xuemo could not help but laugh out.

    She would never have thought that Xijue, who rarely ever spoke, could speak so sharply and eloquently. It made her have a whole new level of respect for him.

    The people around them also could not help but laugh. It made the girl want to find a hole to crawl in.

    She also did not want to shed all pretense of cordiality so after stamping her foot, she ran out sobbing.

    The little altercation seemed to pass just like that. The banquet once again became a merry party.

    Ning Xuemo secretly sighed. She already understood most of what Xijue meant. She could already guess the motive behind him reinstating his identity and once again returning to her side.

    It was nothing more than him being anxious to prove his identity and wanting to be on equal footing with her. It was also to save her some face...

    But the branding of "Heavenly Calamitous Lonely Star" that she had was not something she could easily remove.

    After all, Xijue was merely a half-grown little child and a hot-blooded young man. Maybe he did not care, but that did not mean that his family felt the same.

    This type of big family probably had more customs and traditions than the Imperial family, not to mention he was the heir. How could his family allow him to bring home a "Heavenly Calamitous Lonely Star"?

    Glancing at the four unmoving and silent body guards behind him, she could see that the glances they gave her were guarded and full of distrust.

    She predicted that after this banquet ended, Xijue would be infected by their thinking and would never be allowed to meet with her again.

    She reckoned that she and he could not even be friends.

    This meeting might be the last meeting.

    Originally she had rejoiced in the fact that she finally had found a genuine, trustworthy, personal bodyguard...
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