Chapter 386 – If You’re Drunk, I’ll Carry You Home

    Chapter 386 - If You're Drunk, I'll Carry You Home

    Originally, she had rejoiced at the fact that she finally  found a genuine, trustworthy, personal bodyguard. However, it seems like she was only dreaming.

    Thinking about this, she could not help but feel sad. Unknowingly, she drank eight or nine cups of wine.

    After all, today, she had nearly drowned. Even though she managed to preserve her life,  her throat was as if it was on fire and her head felt like it was filled with cotton. Her reaction times were also slower than normal. With the added alcohol, her head was even more dizzy.

    Today, she suddenly felt like experiencing what it is like to be drunk. Because she thought the servant girls poured the wine too slowly, she decided to take the wine jug and pour for herself.

    Anyways, today's wine was not too strong . It was like sugar water, making her want to drink more.

    "Xuemo, don't drink anymore!" Xijue grabbed onto her wrist.

    She turned her head and saw that Xijue's brows had furrowed until there were three distinct creases. He appreciatively looked at her, "Do you have some matter that you're worried about?"

    "Worry?" She thought.

    When did she have any worries?!

    Ning Xuemo pulled her hand away and smiled, "Today's so festive and joyful. I can't possibly return and not be drunk. In any case, you're still a man. Shouldn't you drink a few cups with me? It can't be that your alcohol tolerance is lower than mine, right?"

    What did she mean by saying that he could still be considered a man?

    He was always an indomitable man, alright?!

    Xijue raised his brow, "Okay, I'll drink with you! When you're drunk, I'll carry you home!"

    "Happy drinking! When you're drunk I'll let your bodyguards carry you home." Ning Xuemo caressed her hand.

    Xijue's face darkened and he stared at her, "I had thought that you would say if I was drunk, you would carry me back to your Ning Mansion."

    Ning Xuemo laughed, "That's not possible. My place is too small and simple. It's not fit for an honorable prince like yourself."

    "Xuemo!" Xijue frowned and called her out, "Are you trying to divide us by identities?"

    "Ha ha, no way! Here, let's drink wine! To speak honestly, after interacting with you for so long, I still have yet to see you drink wine. Are you sure it's okay for an adolescent like you to be drinking wine? I heard that adolescents shouldn't drink wine. It would harm the brain..."

    Xijue did not understand the modern language in the latter half of her words. However, he could understand the general meaning and his face could not help but darken more. He raised his head and used a finger to hit her head, "What nonsense are you saying? You're younger than me!"

    Ning Xuemo's reaction speed was significantly slower. She could not avoid his fingers and was hit on the head by him.

    His hit was neither light nor hard. When it hit her head, it hurt a little. She was a person who could never accept losses, so she raised her hand to return a hit.

    Xijue was more sober than her and when she tried to hit him back, he gripped her wrist.

    Her wrist was slim and fair. In his hand, it felt exceptionally smooth. Xijue stared blankly for a second and the eyes he used to look at Ning Xuemo became slightly deeper. He opened his mouth to say something when he suddenly felt something cold on his lower back. It was as if something cold had drilled its way through his clothes and into his skin...

    He jolted in surprise and subconsciously rubbed his lower back. However, he could not feel anything out of the ordinary. He turned his head around in suspicion. His four bodyguards stood as still and stoic as the Door Gods behind him. With them there, if there were people who wanted to plot against him, there would be no way it would not be caught.

    "What's wrong?" Seeing his face had a trace of doubt on it, she asked.

    "Nothing. Here, let's continue to drink wine..." Xijue had not finished saying his sentence when his face changed and he quickly stood up.

    "What now?" Ning Xuemo had already picked up her wine cup.

    "I... I need to go out for a bit." Xijue quickly went out, his footsteps very urgent.

    Ning Xuemo did not mind and  began to pour and drink the wine. After a short while, Xijue came back and sat down by her side again.
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