Chapter 388 – A Dance that Stuns the World

    Chapter 388 : A Dance that Stuns the World

    In reality, everyone in the Vast Sky Empire knew that Marquis Ning was not only a waste, but was an incompetent when it came to dancing.

    Originally, in order to receive approval from others, she had once taken lessons with a dance teacher. The results showed that she was clearly not dancing material.

    Her arms and legs were as stiff as a robots and angered the court-appointed dancing teacher to the point that the teacher left, not wanting to have anything more to do with Ning Xuemo.

    This event was as talked-about as Ning Xuemo's reputation as a waste. It became another joke about her.

    Everyone present knew that the words that girl spoke were clearly aiming to hurt Ning Xuemo and provoke her.

    Unexpectedly, Ning Xuemo spun her cup as she looked at the girl and actually put the cup down, standing up and saying, "Then I'll dance one."

    The incompetent dancer actually wanted to offer a dance!

    Many people had been drinking for a long time and were feeling tipsy. They loudly yelled their approval and applauded her, screaming "Dance! Dance!" Clearly, they were treating her as a clown for their entertainment.

    Ji Yunhuang's face darkened and his cold eyes swept over the suddenly excited crowd.

    Being exposed to his cold glares, the crowd finally came to their senses and embarrassedly sat down, not daring to shout anymore.

    "Xuemo, you're drunk. You don't need to dance." Ji Yunhuang tried to help Ning Xuemo.

    Seeing her being isolated by the crowd, his heart felt a little sad. However, he had his own problems too...

    Ning Xuemo's heart currently held an indescribable feeling of anger. She wanted to release it a little.

    She ignored Ji Yunhuang's coaxing and looked down at what she was wearing.

    What she was wearing now was a court dress. While it was beautiful to look at, it was complicated and seemed as if it would slow down her dancing and make her sluggish.

    She raised her head to ask Emperor Le Xuan, "Your Majesty, this subject asks to change her clothes into something more appropriate."

    Emperor Le Xuan's eyes flashed with light and he said frankly, "Alright."

    Ning Xuemo smiled, "I thank Your Majesty." When she saluted, she even stumbled a little.

    When she rose, her eyes unintentionally met the gaze of Han Shanyue.

    He sat there looking at her indifferently. His eyes showed no emotions.

    Of course, Ning Xuemo also could not see his face clearly. Even if his eyes had some emotions in it, she would not be able to see it anyways.

    Therefore, she calmly looked away and followed a maid out to change.

    In the Imperial Gardens, there were many different singers and performers. Naturally, there would be many different outfits as well.

    After a few moments, Ning Xuemo appeared in front of the crowd waiting to see her make a fool of herself. When the crowd saw her outfit, a flash of colors appeared before everyone's eyes!

    After more than a month of recovering, Ning Xuemo not only grew a little, but her body also became more exquisite and delicate.

    The parts that were supposed to be big were big, the parts that were supposed to stick up were sticking up.

    The big dress she was wearing a few moments ago did not reveal much. However, now she had actually changed into a rather tight red dress!

    Vast Sky Country was against being too revealing. Although those well-bred young misses dressed conservatively, the dress of dancers were very eye-catching.

    And Ning Xuemo's current outfit was even more eye-catching!

    Peonies were embroidered onto the upper half of her outfit. Her translucent outer cover was as red as fire and draped around her. Her lower half was wearing a fire-red short dress. Around her waist she had tied a similarly colored piece of muslin that floated along with her movements.

    Her delicate and naked legs were faintly discernible under the muslin fabric. Each of her snow-white ankles had a silver chain on it. On the silver chains were two crystals that jingled with every step she took.

    Her hair draped over half of her body like a waterfall. On top of her head was a sprig of flowers with a blooming flower that was as big as a tea cup.

    Her arms were also half naked and on her wrists dangled more crystals. She seemed to be stepping to some beat, so the crystals on her body were also clinking to the beat.


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