Chapter 391 – The Sudden Guqin Sound

    Chapter 391 : The Sudden Guqin Sound

    The sound of the guqin stopped and the melody changed immediately. However, the pipa stopped following melody of the guqin. Instead it created its own separate tune and completely ruined the sorrowful bitter ambience created by the guqin.

    Feeling the warmth from the back hug and the light delicate fragrance that had filled up her nose, Ning Xuemo stiffened and sobered up a little, Finally, she managed to break free from the allure melody of guqin.

    She noticed the extremely familiar body scent and her expressions changed, so she instinctively struggled to escape, "You..."

    "Be good!" Han Shanyue gripped her tighter and Ning Xuemo fell completely into his embrace.

    Han Shanyue then easily hit one of her acupuncture point and this caused her to stop moving instantly.

    He was breathing down onto her head. Both of his arms were wrapped around her and his fingers continued to play on the pipa without any break in between.

    The plucking sound from the pipa flowed out of the tips of his fingers, and the tune was so pleasing that the guqin outside was disrupted numerous times by the pipa, causing the qin to miss a few beats.

    Ning Xuemo suddenly had a thought. Could it be that this Mister Han Shanyue was having an instrumental showdown with the one playing the guqin outside?

    But, why did he insist on having her in his embrace and play?

    Yet at this moment, she was very willing to give the pipa to him!

    However, the guqin player playing outside was obviously not somebody who could be provoked. Once again, the tune changed, making the night become even chillier than that of winter. It was so cold that even the plants were freezing to deathThe audience who were about to come to their senses from the captivating music immediately became captured by the new melody and felt as if they had stepped into an icehouse. They shivered as though they were freezing.

    Ning Xuemo trembled slightly and suddenly had a strong urge to dance again.

    Suddenly, she felt two cotton balls being shoved into her ears. The guqin sound became much softer.

    "Guard yourself well. Don't think and there wouldn't be thoughts. Don't feel..." a voice sounded in her mind.

    This was a chant used during her training. Ning Xuemo faintly felt that the situation was very familiar to her. It was as though she had experienced this before.

    This was not a time where she could let her imagination run wild, so she instead closed her eyes and rested in his embrace.

    For some unknown reasons, as much as an annoyance this person behind her was to her, she could easily settle down quickly in his embrace and recuperate from the dancing.

    Han Shanyue, holding a beauty in his arms, wore no expression on his face but white light began to come from his hands as he plucked the strings of the pipa.

    The music of the pipa seemed to have a warming effect, negating the cold air and reviving the green fields that were once trapped in the ice.

    The pipa in front of Ning Xuemo was used by the palace musicians, and although it was of high quality, there was nothing else that was special about it.

    Once Han Shanyue's psychokinesis started to flow into the pipa, the average pipa immediately couldn't handle it.

    "Pang!" One of the strings broke! The sound of the pipa stopped abruptly!

    The qin outside seized this opportunity and took charge of the music immediately.

    Everyone who felt the warmth and love from the sounds of pipa was now feeling the blazing hot summer heat by the guqin. Everybody began to feel stuffy, and the surrounding air was so hot that it was burning upSoon, everyone was dripping with sweat, and it was so unbearable that some started to take off their clothes. There were even those who couldn't help but rip their clothing apart...

    Damn it!

    Han Shanyue furrowed his brows and his fingers went back to plucking the pipa's strings. With just the remaining strings, he still managed to play beautifully.

    However, instead of playing against the qin melody from outside, he was playing in harmony with it.

    The harmonious melody depicted the tranquil flow of the river, the gentle breeze at the mountains, and the carefree clouds that  were drifting across the sky above those tall mountains.

    The audience felt an instant relief, and the ones taking off their clothes finally stopped.


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