Chapter 392 – Playing while hugging her

    Chapter 392 : Playing while hugging her

    The crowd felt that they were riding on a white cloud that was floating above a mountain peak. Higher, higher...

    If the guqin sound wanted to suppress the pipa music, then it would have to play higher and louder than the pipa. Thus, the guqin outside followed along and seemed to use the pipa as a stepping stool as it climbed higher!

    The crowd felt that the cloud underneath them was climbing higher and higher, practically reaching the skies!

    This feeling was not necessarily a good feeling. Many people were so scared that they were trembling. They laid on the table or hugged the table's legs, as if it would give them some sense of security.

    Even though Ning Xuemo's ears were plugged by cotton, the guqin and pipa sounds were played using psychokinesis so it was even more penetrating that normal music.

    So for her, plugging her ears really did not help much.

    She also felt like she was riding a cloud into the skies...

    However, at least she had experience with flying in the skies. She had even been forced to ride the Gold-Eyed Falcon's back, which was a hundred times scarier than flying on a cloud.

    This feeling of being suspended in the sky was nothing to her now. She had never thought too seriously about it.

    The consciousness of other people were already under the control of the guqin and pipa music. However, Ning Xuemo was actually conscious and awake.

    She clearly understood that she was in the embrace of Han Shanyue. That guy had not stopped holding her as he played the pipa...

    This type of battle using music, shouldn't the players be completely focused and clear of mind?

    Should one not be focusing completely on the battle?

    Shouldn't they find the most comfortable position to play in?

    Why did he have to trap her in his arms while he played?

    It would not be comfortable to play the pipa with a person in between one's arms!

    Could it be that he did this to utilize some sort of mysterious skill?

    Did he want to borrow her psychokinesis? But she was only at Level 4 psychokinesis. How much psychokinesis could she lend him?

    Ning Xuemo remained puzzled.

    At this time, her mind could still wander around!

    Even though Han Shanyue was not looking at her, his body was sticking closely to hers. He could sense everything going on in her body and her mental state. (T/N Creepy much?)

    Her mental state when she was absent-minded versus when she working were obviously not the same.

    To be able to be absent-minded at a time like this meant her consciousness was strong enough that she was not succumbing to the music...

    Han Shanyue no longer paid attention to her. His fingers plucked the strings even faster and the melody climbed higher and higher...

    Finally, the guqin outside did not dare follow along and try to take over in fear that the strings would snap! The music unwillingly stopped.

    Once the guqin music stopped, the pipa music also began to fall. Finally, it slowed to a stop.

    The crowd also felt their two leg finally touch the firm ground. Their hanging hearts also finally returned to their chests.

    "Zheng!" The pipa sounded as though silk was ripping. To the crowd, this sound was like pouring icy water on their faces and they finally awoke from the mirage made by the music.

    The crowd exchanged glances with each other and everyone's faces turned red. They wanted to find a hole to crawl in!

    These nobles and princes, who were always immaculately dressed and tried to present themselves as elegant and graceful, now looked messy and unorderly. Some were even naked on the top, wearing only their underpants...

    And their postures were even more hilarious and odd. Some were hugging the legs of the tables as they shivered. Others were lying on the ground while both hands gripped the snow white carpet. There were even those who crawled underneath the tables with their butts sticking out, hugged their heads, and shivered...

    As for those noble ladies, they were not much better. Even though they had not taken off their clothes to the extent of being naked, they had still taken off their outer clothes and opened the collars. Their hairstyles were chaotic and messy. Some were hugging onto the pillars next to them, while others were hugging the man next to them...

    This scene was not a normal scene of chaos and embarrassment.

    Those who had taken off their clothes to the point where they were half naked immediately lowered their heads with embarrassment as they fumbled for their clothes.

    As for those who only looked messy, they were a little better off. All they had to do was tidy themselves up.

    There were even some people who had to change clothes because their clothes were contaminated with oil or they had ripped them apart...


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