Chapter 394 – A Knife Suspended Above the Head

    Chapter 394 : A Knife Suspended Above the Head

    The security at the Royal Gardens was known to be the tightest. What type of person could sneak in and play a song that almost caused everyone to lose their lives?!

    If it weren't for Han Shanyue who used his pipa melody to ward off the guqin player, the consequences would have been dire.

    Emperor Le Xuan was  shocked, so he immediately ordered his personal bodyguards to bring the Imperial Security leader who was on duty that day to him.

    A moment had passed and a fierce-looking general came in, wearing a pale expression on his face.

    Ning Xuemo's heart skipped a beat, it was Shi Tianlong.

    Once he entered, he went down on his knees to beg for forgiveness.

    Emperor Le Xuan asked him a few questions regarding the security measures put in place, and he answered them all accordingly. There were absolutely no loopholes to the security and, technically, no one should be able to enter the palace.

    Yet, when the guqin was being played, Shi Tianlong who initially thought nothing of it, assumed that it was an entertainment show arranged by the members of the imperial family. By the time he sensed something was amiss, he and his army was already trapped in the melody of the guqin. Only once the duel between the two instrument ended did the the patrolling guards come to their senses.

    Subsequently, it seemed that everybody had suffered from a illness as they were unable to walk straight and those who were weaker had already vomited blood.

    However, at the time when the guqin was being played, Shi Tianlong happened to be patrolling nearby and caught a glimpse of the one playing the qin.

    That man was wearing red at that time, sitting in a small boat with a navy blue guqin on his knees.

    There was a fog forming and it made it difficult for one to identify the perpetrator,  thus Shi Tianlong could not see anything else other than his black hair and red clothes.

    Emperor Le Xuan then ordered everyone who worked in the Le residence to gather for Shi Tianlong to identify.

    Shi Tianlong inspected them one by one and shook his head with confidence, "He's not here!"

    Emperor Le Xuan furrowed his brows even more, and he inquired the head of the Le residence if there was a guqin player who visited from outside.

    The head was frightened and anxious, and emphasised that the Imperial palace was such an important place that he would not dare to hire anybody with dubious and unknown origins to play the guqin...

    Despite having so many people and experts in the Imperial palace, there was no one who saw the culprit's true appearance and it almost caused a complete annihilation.

    Who could this person be? How did he sneak in and what was his motive behind his qin-playing massacre?

    And who sent him here? Will he strike again in the future?

    Numerous doubts and questions were floating around in everyone's mind's yet no one could find the answer to them.

    Looking at Emperor Le Xuan who was getting more frustrated, the rest naturally did not feel good either.

    There was no doubt that the guqin player was a huge threat, and it was as though there was a blade hanging above everyone's head, inflicting fear into everyone's heart.

    And the most frightening thing of all was the that the identity of the dangerous criminal was unbeknownst to everyone.

    "It's her! It's all her fault!" A woman finally could not hold it back anymore and screamed! Her slender finger was pointing at Ning Xuemo, "All because of her! If not for her weird dance and the pipa music, we wouldn't have attracted such a monster to play the guqin!"

    This uproar seemed to bring everyone back to their senses and all eyes fell back to Ning Xuemo again.

    Ning Xuemo had yet to change out of her crimson red clothes and it was as though Ning Xuemo was caught in the flames ignited by jealousy of the women.

    "Look at her, she is also wearing red, the same colour as the guqin player!"

    "That's right! This is too much of a coincidence! She must have summoned that qin player in red!"

    "Exactly! Maybe her pipa melody was a signal to call out to that red devil! There is no other explanation for this!"

    "Nonsense!" the little qilin jumped up...


    Oh no, looks like Ning Xuemo is being targeted again...

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