Chapter 395 – Abnormal Events

    Chapter 395 : Abnormal Events

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    "Nonsense!" The little Qilin jumped up. "Tons of people wear red. You guys even pressed my master to play the pipa when she didn't feel like it! Why has it become a sign that she's been conspiring with the evildoer? Unlike my beautiful master, you ugly women are hideous. You are all jealous of my master and are just trying to make her seem worse than she is! Despicable! Simply despicable!"

    The little Qilin's words were simply a MAP weapon*. It was as if it had poked a hornet's nest, as the other women on the side who were only there to watch a good play stood up, clearly unhappy and made sarcastic remarks.

    (T/N : Super Robot Wars reference. A MAP Weapon was a super powerful weapon that targeted all enemies in a selected area. This is basically saying that the little Qilin said something so drastic that it leveled the landscape)

    "Look! She even has a divine animal. How could she get one with her abilities alone? Somebody is definitely helping her!"

    "Right! They probably have a blood contract. How else could they use this trash if it wasn't for a blood contact? Whoever set up her blood contract must be a heavenly experts, but we all know only the Ancestor is a heavenly expert. It's absolutely impossible for it to be the Ancestor, because he was in the Palace. It's impossible to there. If it's like this, then this master behind her is worthy of our scrutiny. Can it be one of those red clothed musicians?" The woman's reasoning abilities were pretty good, and her analysis was sound.

    "Correct! It must be a demon! It's too unusual for her to simply cause it!"

    "Your majesty, this woman must be questioned! You must investigate her thoroughly..."

    Those women aimed their remarked straight at Ning Xuemo.

    As Le Xuan Emperor listened to these women, he began to frown. His heart was a little moved. Weird things always seemed to happen around Ning Xuemo. How strange. He remained calm and collected as he faced Ning Xuemo, "Xuemo, what do you have to say?"

    When Ning Xuemo woke up, she was feeling mostly tipsy, as she was already drunk. The alcohol hindered her shrewd mind. She shook her head and said, "Your Majesty, what do you want me to say?"

    "See! Just look at the way she's speaking to our Emperor! How rude!" Somebody immediately pointed out Ning Xuemo's strange manner of speaking.

    Le Xuan Emperor frowned as he waved for the woman to shut up. He saw Ning Xuemo's flushed face, "Although they're just guessing, what they're saying does indeed make quite a bit of sense. Xuemo, while I'm not suspicious of you, there are too many things about you that remain an enigma. First, would you mind telling us how you managed to establish a blood contract with the Little Qilin? Who helped you?"

    "I don't remember," Ning Xuemo replied bluntly. She did not have a clear recollection of it, so her memory on it was hazy.

    Le Xuan Emperor's eyebrows creased even more tightly, "How can you not remember such a huge event? Do you actually have something to hide? Does this actually have something to do with that red clothed man?"

    The little Qilin stood up and started shouting, ""Hey! Emperor guy! We really don't remember what happened back then. My master wouldn't lie to you!"

    Le Xuan Emperor's face sunk as he indifferently spoke. ""You've probably drank too much, so your brain isn't functioning properly. That's why you don't remember at the moment. We'll wait for her to sober up for the time being and then she can answer my questions. Men!"

    Four bodyguards came from outside, "Your Majesty!"

    "Bring Ning Xuemo to a proper place to sober up." Lu Xuan Emperor commanded.

    Ji Yunhuang's expression slightly changed as he slightly bowed to speak, "Imperial Father. Just because Ning Xuemo somehow got her hands on the Little Qilin, it doesn't mean that she is related to the red musician. We can't admit her as guilty if it isn't true after all that's said and done."


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