Chapter 398 – Man or Demon

    Chapter 398 : Man or Demon

    Ning Xuemo pushed Ji Yunhuang forward with big strides. In her heart, she secretly sighed with relief. It looks like she made the right move! She finally had some hope of escaping!

    Just as she was somewhat relieved, the green-clothed silhouette in front of her shimmered. She still had not reacted when all of a sudden, her wrist started to go numb! The sword fell to the ground with a clang.

    Immediately, her waist became numb as well. Finally, her entire body was numb so that she could not move a muscle.

    "Your Majesty, please leave!" a voice shouted from the mass of Imperial bodyguards. Two bodyguards jumped out and pulled Ji Yunhuang away from Ning Xuemo, protecting him.

    Ji Yunhuang's hand clenched. At this time, he could not point the sword at himself and make himself a hostage. Therefore, he could only stand there and endure, watching calmly as the scene unfolded.

    Huge masses of Imperial bodyguards surrounded Ning Xuemo with their swords drawn, creating a mountain of swords around her. If she moved even the slightest bit, then the swords would fly and she would be cut into pieces!

    Ning Xuemo had no way of moving. Her body was unable to even twitch and only her eyes and neck could move. Right now, her eyes were only looking at one person.

    That person was currently standing in the doorway of the great hall, blocking her only route of escape. Did she really have some great enmity with this person? Why did he always try to scheme against her, a little girl?!

    Once Emperor Le Xuan saw this person, his eyes shone, "Master Han!"

    That person was exactly Han Shanyue. As before, his face was still hidden and clouded over so that the crowd could not see it clearly. They could only see the dancing smoke coming from his blue-green clothes.

    He nodded his head slightly.

    "Master Han, did you capture the red-clothed guqin playing murder?" Emperor Le Xuan asked.

    "He escaped." Han Shanyue's answer was very simple.

    Emperor Le Xuan immediately wrinkled his brows. That murderer's martial arts must be unprecedentedly high. Now that he had escaped, what would happen if he came again? The other people were all trembling with fear, clearly thinking the same as Emperor Le Xuan.

    "Does Lord know the origin of that person?"

    "It was not a human."

    Emperor Le Xuan and the others all stopped and looked at each other in dismay! They all knew that demons and other such beings existed, but their knowledge of them was not profound, particularly these types of powerful and abnormal demons!

    Emperor Le Xuan's eyes landed on Ning Xuemo's body again. He started to think that this girl was weirder than he originally thought!

    Behind him, someone could not help but say, "Your Majesty, maybe the present Ning Xuemo is also a demon! She's changed so much in this past month or so. Formerly, she was cowardly and had no talent. Now she has so many weird talents and even her appearance has changed! It's changed so much that it simply cannot be her! It can't be that she has some attachment to a demon, right?! Did she come here with that red-clothed guqin player to bring chaos to the Vast Sky Empire..."

    These words received many agreements from the crowd. There were a few people who knew the former Ning Xuemo and thy all quickly testified that this Ning Xuemo wasn't the same as the one before. The words of the c

    The gaze Emperor Le Xuan looked at Ning Xuemo with became even colder, "Ning Xuemo, what do you have to say for yourself?"

    At this time, no matter what Ning Xuemo said, she knew it would be useless. She coldly laughed, "This is really giving someone a bad name and then executing them! Your Majesty has only heard a few empty words and decided to put the blame on Xuemo? If Xuemo really was a demon, why would Xuemo keep on rescuing the Crown Prince? If Xuemo really was a demon, then the opportunities I've had to assassinate Your Majesty are plenty. Why haven't I taken those opportunities? If I was a demon, then why didn't I take that chance at that party to kill everyone?"


    Uh oh... Han Shanyue, that's not how you win over a woman...

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