Chapter 401 – I Do Not Want To Marry A Mental Case

    Chapter 401 : I Do Not Want To Marry A Mental Case

    Han Shanyue's eyes lightly gazed at Ning Xuemo, "I may not be able to curse her."

    The entire crowd was speechless.

    Emperor Le Xuan said, "This..."

    "Your Majesty, if you can't even grant this request..." Han Shanyue's voice was ice cold.

    "This, this needs to get the approval of the person in question, right?" Emperor Le Xuan struggled to find the words.

    He kept feeling as though something was not right, but he could not put his finger on what exactly was wrong.

    If it were not for the fact that the Ancestor also said that Ning Xuemo was a "Millennium Lonely Phoenix", then he would have thought that when Han Shanyue claimed Ning Xuemo was a "Heavenly Calamitous Lonely Star," it was with malicious and lecherous intentions and was waiting for this exact day to happen so that he could whisk her away.

    Everyone's eyes collectively moved towards  Ning Xuemo.

    There were looks of envy, jealousy, and astonishment...

    Everyone believed that Ning Xuemo would definitely agree. After all, this was her only way to leave this place safely.

    Ning Xuemo felt that Han Shanyue's head had been kicked by a donkey!

    Or maybe his mental state was not normal...

    Right now, she was still feeling a little tipsy. Wine could easily make people rowdy and out of control, so she straight-forwardly said, "I don't want to marry a mental case!"

    Not just as a concubine, even if this person sent a palanquin with eight carriers over to ask for her hand in marriage, she would still refuse!

    Emperor Le Xuan's heart sighed in relief. Today, he had thoroughly offended Ning Xuemo, so even if she was completely destroyed, it would still be better than letting her live and be with Han Shanyue...

    (T/N : I am so disappointed in this Emperor right now... Then again, when was I not?)

    "Master Han, you see, she does not agree..."

    Han Shanyue glanced at Ning Xuemo. Ning Xuemo also stared back at him coldly. Her little face was flushed with red, whether it be from anger or from alcohol.

    "She is not completely sober yet. I believe that tomorrow, she will give me the answer that I want." Han Shanyue was calm and collected, his voice belying his confidence.

    Emperor Le Xuan frowned, "If she still does not agree tomorrow..."

    "I believe that Your Majesty has ways to make her agree." Han Shanyue said even more leisurely. "If tomorrow, I still don't receive a satisfactory answer, then I can only request Your Majesty to find someone more suitable than me for what you want."

    After saying this, he turned around to leave. Just as he walked out the door, he turned back around, "I expect a nimble, fast working, smart, and clever concubine. I trust that Your Majesty will not let me down."

    His sleeves floating lightly, he finally left.

    Emperor Le Xuan was speechless.

    During this period of importance, he could not afford to offend this Han Shanyue!

    Therefore, he could only do as Han Shanyue requested.

    His eyes landed on Ning Xuemo's body. This time, it was a really head-hurting conflict.

    How could he persuade her? Torture definitely would not work, otherwise, tomorrow she would not be a nimble and quick worker...

    Thus, he could only persuade her!

    However, looking at Ning Xuemo's stubborn face, it seemed as though it would not be easy to persuade her.

    Also, this girl's words were not the usual level eloquent and witty. She had the verbal sparring ability of a whole crowd of scholars. He was afraid that even if he got all the imperial censors together, they still would not be her opponent. Even more so, he had completely offended her...

    This was definitely an oncoming headache!

    He waved his hand, "Find a clean room. Let Miss Ning temporarily rest there. Tomorrow, we can deal with this."

    This time he could not let the bodyguards arrest her, and he definitely could not bring her to the prisons. Therefore, he could only let the maids go up and lend a hand to help bring Ning Xuemo to an actual room to sober up...

    The acupuncture point on Ning Xuemo still was not undone, so she could not struggle.

    As for that bodyguard Xi Jue sent to protect her, seeing as there was nothing life-threatening, he finally relaxed and let those maids take Ning Xuemo away.

    The little qilin still wanted to obstruct them, but Ning Xuemo used a mental communication art to stop it.


    ARGH. I just want to strangle that Han Shanyue and the Emperor, you know? But is there a hidden motive behind Han Shanyue's actions... As for the Emperor... You will regret offending Ning Xuemo one day... With Ning Xuemo's vengeful nature, how could she not take revenge? I'm excited~

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