Chapter 409 – Revealing the Truth

    Chapter 409 : Revealing the Truth

    At this time, Ning Xuemo was incredibly domineering. Ji Yunyao's heart shivered in fear and she retreated two more steps, "Why do you care who this Princess likes?"

    Ji Yunyao secretly scolded inside. Who was it exactly that said Ning Xuemo had no more martial art skills?

    How could someone who lost their martial art skills have such an imposing manner?!

    However, she did not know that Ning Xuemo really did lose her martial art skills. However, she knew a type of footwork, similar to the "Light Wave Step" in Louis Cha's novel.

    Even though she had no inner power, she could still use the Earth's rotational force.

    This type of footwork had an advantage : speed. Also, it was easy to confuse people.

    Ji Yunyao, after encountering one loss at Ning Xuemo's hands, was terrified of her imposing behavior. She could not help but retreat once more...

    "Where is the Crown Prince?" Ning Xuemo suddenly said out of nowhere.

    Ji Yunyao's heart suddenly jumped and she blurted out, "How should I know?!"

    This sound carried a faint trace of bitterness and anger.

    When Ji Yunyao was recovering, she secretly went to see him many times.

    However, he was always indifferent towards her, making her feel indignant.

    After Ji Yunyao got better, he never came to her manor once to see her...

    In her heart, she already had her suspicions. After shouting out that sentence, she followed up with, "Why are you asking me this?!"

    "Why?" Ning Xuemo walked two steps closer, "What do you think?"

    "How should I know..." Ji Yunyao retreated again. She had not even finished her sentence before the ground underneath her feet suddenly disappeared and, with a sharp screech, she tumbled into the water.

    At this time, someone shouted, "Princess, be careful!" Clearly, she had shouted too late. Ji Yunyao had already fallen into the water.

    Ning Xuemo glanced behind her at the girl who had shouted. It was a beautiful girl, who was as elegant and gentle as water.

    Ning Xuemo finally remembered her name. It was Gu Xiaoqi.

    It was a common name, without any cultural beauty to it.

    However, Ning Xuemo knew that she was talented and was incredibly skilled at calligraphy.

    She had once demonstrated her abilities at a banquet and received everyone's praises.

    No matter what, this girl always looked calm and indifferent. When Ning Xuemo was being targeted by everyone, this girl had said nothing.

    Ning Xuemo had no malicious intents towards her. However, who would have thought that she would actually be with Ji Yunyao.

    However, it seemed that the relationship between her and Ji Yunyao was not as good as it seemed. When Ji Yunyao had already fallen, that was when Gu Xiaoqi had opened her mouth...

    "Princess, Princess, are you okay? Someone quickly come! Princess has fallen into the water!" Gu Xiaoqi started to loudly shout.

    "Don't shout..." Ji Yunyao knew how to swim, but clearly her swimming abilities were mediocre at best. She was currently using the doggy paddle style to swim to the shore.

    Hearing Gu Xiaoqi's shout, she immediately tried to stop it.

    There were many soldiers patrolling the area. If they heard the cry for help, they would definitely come and see her current sorry appearance...

    Gu Xiaoqi seemed gentle and weak, but her voice was piercingly loud. These shouts managed to alert quite a few people.

    A princess falling into the water was not a small event. Within a short amount of time, a large group of people had already come over just in time to see Ji Yunyao pull herself out of the lake.

    Currently, Ji Yunyao was more than just a little pathetic-looking. Her hair dripped with water and her clothes were pasted onto her skin, revealing her figure.

    Ji Yunyao was also a beautiful girl, but her chest was slightly small and her legs were slightly thicker. Usually, she wore light and floating clothes to hide those features.

    However, now, all the imperfections of her body were shown...


    Ji Yunyao and Gu Xiaoqi... What is their relationship? Hm...

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