Chapter 411 – Don’t Put It To Heart

    Chapter 411 : Don't Put It To Heart

    The little qilin heard the commotion and speculations from behind. He stumbled and almost fell. Those ignorant little brats! This little qilin is a male, and was never a female!

    Little qilin wagged his tail violently and wiggled his ears to draw more attention to his horns. A male qilin's horns would have three branches each, while a female would only have two...

    "Look at that, the qilin is wagging its tail! It must have agreed with what I had said about it being a female. My Blackie would also wag its tail like that when I'm right about something." That child was elated and excited.

    Little qilin would love to whip him with his tail.

    "I'm a male!" Little qilin howled in such a majesty that it attracted a bigger crowd to surround him, causing an even greater commotion and discussion.

    "Wow, it can talk! It heard us! It's great!"

    "It sure did, but its voice sounded so childish. I'm guessing it must be around seven or eight years old..."

    "Such a young qilin..."

    Now that little qilin's gender was determined, due its proclamation, it had sparked even more discussion and speculations, and it created a greater ruckus than before. Some even speculated that the little qilin was an illegitimate child and hence it was wandering around in this world alone. The people here were so spirited and lively when it came to gossip, but their ignorance and common knowledge were boundless.

    During the journey home, with Ning Xuemo riding on qilin, there were already many different versions of the story. And the worst of all was that the little qilin was Ning Xuemo's previous reincarnation's illegitimate child, hence this time the little qilin came to look for its mother and was not picky about Ning Xuemo being its master...

    Little qilin's ears were sharp and it heard every single comment made by the crowd. It was completely speechless at them. All sorts of ridiculous and crazy speculations were too abundant and, even if it wanted to, it could not clarify them all.

    "Master, did you not hear what they are saying? They are spouting nonsense..."

    Ning Xuemo raised her hand and stroked its head gently, "Be good, they are only so heated up in discussion because you are too eye catching. You were not bothered by anything they said when you were a cat at that time, right?"

    "But... I don't like it when they are making their own false judgement. I want to clear things up...."

    "Honey, they aren't looking for the truth. Even if you were to clear things up, soon they will have something else to say. There are countless of people here, each with their own views and opinions, are you going to educate them all? And the more you do it, they more enthusiastic they will become, and even if their discussion is no longer about you, they will pick out the things you said. Honestly speaking, they bear no ill intentions; they are just curious, so you don't have to take it to heart."

    Little qilin seemed to understand but was not pacified, "But most of their speculations are wrong..."

    "Yes, but you and your friends know the real truth, and that's all it matters. You don't have to explain to everybody."

    "Okay." Little qilin was appeared to understand and was silent.

    This conversation happened telepathically between Ning Xuemo and little qilin, thus the others were not able to hear it.

    The guards behind Ning Xuemo were led by Shi Tianlong, and Shi Tianlong was ordered to follow Ning Xuemo everywhere she went. He looked at her with a gaze that hinted a subtle complexity. He admired this lady but unintentionally did a few things that were harmful towards her. For instance, apprehending her during the night at the banquet and now surveilling her as his job. Although it was all part of his job, and he was very unwilling to, he still felt apologetic and guilty towards her...

    With his mind all filled with thoughts for Ning Xuemo, he finally sent her back to Jingyuan Residence. Ning Xuemo turned back and greeted Shi Tianlong, "General Shi, I'm back at the residence, you don't have to send me any further."


    Poor little qilin. :'(

    I live in the United States, and there's a Din Tai Fung close to where I live. I went there with my family to try it out and it tasted SO FREAKING BAD. Like, there wasn't any soup in the dumplings. Maybe I just got a bad batch but... I paid so much money for good food, not bad food, you know?

    What's your favorite food to order at a dim sum restaurant?
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