Chapter 414 : An Extra Imprint

    Chapter 414 : An Extra Imprint

    Little qilin was guilty; thus, it was startled when Han Shanyue looked at him. It then stared back at him defensively.

    "Little Apple, right?"

    "Yes... May I know what instructions you have for me?" Little qilin tried his best to be calm. For some unknown reason, it feared this person to his very bone, it was as though it had suffered in his hands previously.

    "Since you regard her as your master, this means that I would also be your master in near future. Hence I will bestow you a gift that I have prepared earlier." Han Shanyue still sounded friendly.

    Little qilin had a child-like innocence, and so the moment it heard about a gift, its eyes brightened up. "What gift?"

    Han Shanyue swept his sleeves and a beam of pale white light shone across, and a long rectangular crystal trough appeared. Since it was made out of clear crystal, it looked very exquisite and beautiful. "Little apple, this is what I will be giving you. You may use it for your meals in the future." Afterwards, he turned back and walked out on his own.

    Little qilin scanned through the crystal trough and felt something strange about it. However, it couldn't tell what was so weird about it. Being the curious creature as it was, it started smelling it, using its tiny claws to touch it...

    Ning Xuemo took a moment to ponder... Wasn't this used to feed the pigs? Except it was made out of crystal... But despite it being made out of crystal, it was still a trough for the pigs!

    She tried her best to explain it to little qilin in the most tactful way she could, and little qilin immediately jumped away from that crystal trough as far away as possible. "He's too much! How could he cheapen a majestic qilin like myself to the level of a pig!" Then suddenly, the little qilin realised something and quickly became ashamed. "Master, did he eavesdrop on our conversation through telepathy?"

    That was for sure. Ning Xuemo nodded her head and reaffirmed this.

    Just how powerful was he and which stage was he at to be able to hear the telepathic conversation between her and little qilin.

    Usually, Ning Xuemo would not underestimate her opponent's skills; however, she noticed that she had greatly underestimate Han Shanyue's prowess and ability. He was so skillful that even she could not determine how vast his power was. Then, she massaged her forehead and realised that her escape from him would be quite challenging...

    She and the little qilin looked at each other in the eye, but they each could only see despair reflected in their eyes.

    Little qilin's gaze then moved to her face, and it discovered something. "Master, why do you suddenly have a cinnabar mark on your forehead?"

    Ahh? Ning Xuemo tried to feel it with her hands but could not touch anything, so she immediately searched for a mirror.

    After checking it on the mirror, she was surprised to see that a tiny cinnabar marking appeared in between her eyebrows . It was six sided, and it looked like a snowflake. Moreover, because it was nicely positioned,  her beauty was enhanced considerably.

    That cinnabar mark looked as if it was painted on, and when Ning Xuemo rubbed it, it produced a warm sensation.

    Ning Xuemo then remembered that day when she was struck by a ball of lightning. Could it be that the marking was caused by it?

    But what did this marking mean?

    In her previous incarnation, she read a mysterious book about this man who was struck by lightning, and then this good for nothing was miraculously turned into a genius that ruled the world.

    Could the same thing happen to her too?

    She tried to gather her psychokinesis, but it did not seem to have improved.

    Then she tried using clean water to wash the marking away, but no matter how, she could not remove it. It was as though it was tattooed on her.

    Ning Xuemo began to recall her memory on that day after being struck by lightning, and she finally pieced everything together.

    It seemed that that lightning appeared right after agreeing to Han Shanyue's proposal! Could it be that this cinnabar marking was a sign of her agreement to the marriage?


    Poor little qilin... Han Shanyue, you're going too far!!!!!

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