Chapter 417 : Despicable Thief, Why Don’t You Just Kill Me?!

    Chapter 417 : Despicable Thief, Why Don't You Just Kill Me?!

    His jade-white middle finger was currently resting on her forehead. His voice gently traveled into her ear, "Ning Xuemo, this Master isn't patient. Since you're not willing to say, then this Master will have to figure it out myself."

    His finger was slightly cold, as if an electric current was running through it and into her head.

    Ning Xuemo felt something pop inside her head. All of her memories that had to do with Xue Yilan were pulled out and played over and over in her head.

    A moment later, Han Shanyue pulled back and removed the Fixed Body Art that he had cast on Ning Xuemo's body.

    Han Shanyue's complexion was not too good. His voice was slightly cold as he said, "It turns out that disastrous person was freed by you. You really are great at attracting trouble. If this master knew it earlier, this master..." His words were suddenly stopped because Ning Xuemo had tackled his entire body!

    With a flash, she pounced directly towards his chest!

    Han Shanyue did not anticipate that she would suddenly try to kill him. His body tilted to the side and avoided the knife she was holding. One hand grabbed onto her wrist as he asked, "Are you going crazy?"

    Ning Xuemo did not say another word. Her other hand went for his forehead. "Disgraceful thing! Why don't you go die?!"

    Han Shanyue captured her other wrist as well.

    The differences in martial art skills between the two were too big.

    Ning Xuemo's martial arts were simply not on the same level as his. Instantly, her body was rendered immobile by him again.

    "Ning Xuemo, what are you doing?" Han Shanyue wrinkled his eyebrows as he said.

    He did not understand why she wanted to kill him so much.

    Ning Xuemo was so angry that her entire body was trembling.

    Even though her body could not move, her eyes still carried a murderous intent as she glared at him. "You despicable thief, why don't you just kill me now!"

    He actually did not ask for her permission and directly looked at her memories. He did not care in the slightest about her privacy!

    What did he think she was? An empty vessel?

    Han Shanyue was speechless.

    Ning Xuemo was furiously roaring, "You think that you're so amazing because your martial art skills are so high that you can just do whatever you please to other people?! What made you think you could just look at my memories?! Are you mentally insane? Is your brain not working?!"

    This was Han Shanyue's first time being scolded like this. He was startled before he  frowned. "This master did not look at all of your memories, just the ones related to Xue Yilan..."

    He could even look at all of her memories?!

    Ning Xuemo was so mad that her face was red. "Even looking at a part of them isn't okay! This is infringing upon a person's privacy, do you understand? Even a biological father shouldn't do it, much less you, a fiance!"

    She was originally frustrated at this whole marriage thing. Now, this event added fuel to the fire and she erupted.

    Not only was her face red, but her eyes were filled with tears, turning them misty.

    Seeing her like this, Han Shanyue paused before saying, "In this world, the strong are the masters. If you don't want your privacy to be violated, then grow stronger!"

    He turned and left.

    Just as he walked to the door, he paused again and said, "This master is not interested in your secrets and will never do this again..."

    With a wave of his sleeve, he was gone in an instant...

    Not long after, Ning Xuemo finally managed to be able to move freely and she slowly sat down on the bed.

    She slightly closed her eyes. She had to find a way to escape! Otherwise, who knows what other secrets he might get out of her later...

    She sat on the bed for awhile. Her reasoning and common sense slowly came back. As she thought about her eruption just then, she shivered slightly.


    See, if this was in the modern times, Ning Xuemo could just take Han Shanyue to the police department on charges of child molesting, privacy infringement, and stalking. A pity that it's the ancient times... Ning Xuemo, get stronger quickly!

    If I were to live anywhere in the universe... Probably in New York City. I have a thing for skyscrapers/tall buildings/smog/urban life. It's great~ I even like China, even though it's really hard to breathe there...

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