Chapter 418 : The Mastermind

    Chapter 418 : The Mastermind

    She actually lost her composure and scolded this hard headed man in front of everybody! She even tried to stab him with a knife....

    However, Mister Han was too skillful, so much so that he could kill her in an instant.

    And she felt his killing intent in that moment when she was berating him...

    Hence, it was not smart of her to infuriate him right now!

    Ning Xuemo was never somebody who could be easily angered.  Yet every single time, she could not control her temper in front of this man.

    She sat down for a while, and suddenly she thought of something. So, she went out to the door to check, and her heart sank again.

    The spell that she placed outside her door was untouched.

    And for him to enter and leave her room so casually, it was as though her spell had no effect.

    It seemed like her bedroom had become a place where he could enter and leave as he pleased, robbing her of her privacy.

    The vein on Ning Xuemo's forehead throbbed.

    This man's temperament was too hard to grasp, and the thought of him visiting one of these nights made her shiver!


    Ning Xuemo was obviously thinking too much as ever. Since that day, Han Shanyue had never entered her room. Even in the mansion, she did not see him much.

    Also, even if she were to bump into him, they would only acknowledge each other with a slight nod before parting.

    Because of what she said, their encounters had been apathetic...

    During these past few days, Ning Xuemo had been living quite a tranquil and disciplined life. Besides making medicine, training, and reading books, she also went out to shop.

    She visited the pharmacy, the clothing store, and the equipment store... There was no place she did not explore.

    In the past, she used to hear rumors about herself; however, the topic had died down as there were no updates, and the people had lost their interest in it overtime.

    The street was a breeding ground for gossip, and it was not lacking in any. Hence, very soon, the people had started talking about a different topic.

    Especially the one regarding missing young girls in the capital! In a short span of six days, there were already eight missing girls reported.

    These girls were from all sorts of backgrounds; there were some from respectable rich families, the middle class, and  even prostitutes from the brothel went missing.

    They had no similarities in the location they were last seen at. Some disappeared at their own homes, some during their errands, and there was even one who disappeared during a trip with her fiance.

    Yet, Ning Xuemo was not particularly concerned about this.

    Since the ancient times, most of these disappearances were due to human trafficking with dealers selling these young girls away.

    However, such cases were the most problematic, and if she was not caught up with her own problems, she would have helped resolve this case by searching for evidence and sniffing out the mastermind behind it all.

    Yet as her wedding was drawing nearer, all she could ever think of was to escape.

    Although she did not see Han Shanyue as frequently, this did not mean that he was not monitoring her in secret.

    Therefore, she came out everyday to stroll to put his guard down and to also investigate if he had used any method to surveil her...

    She was still not convinced that he sent those bodyguards away and still allowed her to roam around. She was sure that she was still being observed from somewhere.

    In order to win a battle, you have to know yourself and your enemy. Hence, she had to know what kind of method he was using to monitor her, before she could really plan a perfect escape route without being caught.

    Nonetheless, she did not know if his surveillance skills were good or if he never had the intention to check up on her. Ning Xuemo had been going out for several days and not even once did she notice being tailed. Not even a bodyguard could be seen.

    Ning Xuemo's anti-stalking skills were the best, and if someone had been following her, she would have sensed it immediately. No one had ever been left undetected under her intuition.


    "Anti-stalking skills." Probably doesn't work on Han Shanyue...

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